1. Nice article Ross!

    I too have learned the importance of patience, and agree that it does apply to workouts as well.

    We live in a society where so many things are available instantly (internet access, tv shows on dvr, cell phones, etc) that we can easily become accustomed to an “I want it now” mentality for everything.

    I really like the way you said it in the last couple of sentences in the article. That really covers it.

  2. This article really rang true for me as well. I still cant believe its been a year since I weighed 255. Feels like yesterday, and all the hard work I put myself through only feels like last week compared to a complete year. But that year did teach me to be patient, that there is no such thing as an instant result. That true results come with lots of dedication and sacrifice.

    When I was I was learning Muay Thai, my mentor gave me this quote: “When building up your shins and elbows, you have to envision that when you train and rest, you are adding layers to your bone. These layers arn’t thick; probably the thickness of a sheet of rice paper. But if everyday, every week, every year, if you continue to train and build up those layers, even though it may be long and strenuous process, eventually your shins will be like steel.” guess this applies to everything.

  3. Thanks a lot for that article.
    It is the right path, one which I am trying to learn at the moment, good to see it written down like that.

    And also many thanks for your advice and blog, you are a great motivator.

  4. Wow, just wow. One of the best articles I have read in a long time from a trainer. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us as I have learned a lot from you about the importance of conditioning and now patience. The article is very well organized and I can see myself rereading it again & again during my long journey ahead 😉

  5. Hey, I love your site. Currently I am a couch potato, but I plan to change that. It is nice to know that I don’t need to spend an hour and a half everyday training like I did in the Army to get into as good a shape as I was in the Army.

  6. Ross,

    thanks for the excellent article; it was a good reminder of basic facts and fits perfectly into my current situation with kendo practice.

    This also reminds me of George Leonard’s great book called ‘Mastery’ and his criticism of the quick-fix society. I recommend the book to everyone who liked the article!

  7. Hi Ross…that’s why you are such a great motivator! You have words that move mountains. I injured my right knee while lifting my little boy up from the floor and tweaked it while doing your II program for 38 days but still managed to do it for 38 days strong with a will to either work through it, around it….or basically with it (sore right knee). Because of my knees I’ve taken a back seat from II for now to give it some time to get better here and doing turbulence training once again. But if I didn’t practice patience with your program, I don’t think I’d be where I’m at today.

    Thanks Ross for a great article, great program and most especially just being a great motivator for me.

    Will be integrating your program in all my workouts here on out! Thanks again.


  8. This is probably one of the single best articles I’ve ever read. I am 28 years old (obviously nearing my 30’s) and am just now coming around to understand how important having patience really is. Everyday I have to remind myself to have or be patient during all of life’s activities and everyday it gets just a little easier to have those patience. Just like in the gym or on the field, patience takes practice. PRACTICE IT!

  9. Hi Ross, I am the most impatient person I know. I recently started using workouts from “Never Gymless” (terrific book and program by the way!); impatience has lead to everything from frustration with progress, to minor stress injuries. This article was just what I needed. I had actually come to your site to ask advice, and this article was just the ticket. (Do you have ESP or something?)



  10. i enjoy reading your article about patience. Im an impatient person, im the stubborn one in my whole kin. I myself learned a lot about patience. I do MMA, and one drill i practice everyday is Ground and Pound drills, and i ended up punching the hard ground that just have 1/4 inch mat…. boy, i fractured my middle knuckle and, for one month i didn’t stop hitting the bag until my knuckle just budge and messed it up more! i really enjoy reading your article!!! you’re a great guy ross!

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