George Hackenschmidt – The Russian Lion

In my last entry, I concluded with a recommended reading list. The first website listed was the site.

This entry will now further prove (and demonstrate) the quality of that site. Below is a link to George Hackenschmidt’s most notable book, The Way To Live. Hackenschmidt is known by many as The Russian Lion. His name is still mentioned today, despite his birth date of 1878.

What better way to learn about this tremendous physical presence from the past than by reading his most notable book? Bookmark the link below for an informative and enjoyable read.

Online version

You can also download a PDF of the full book.

PDF version




  1. What a coincidence. I was just on that website yesterday, and I read that book. Although it was written many years ago, the advice is simple and effective, which makes this a timeless classic. I especially loved the discussion about will power in chapter 4 or 5. He addresses the population that makes excuses for not working out because of their jobs, lack of time, and other obligations. Even though simple tools and methods of exercising have been around forever, there have also been “excuse-makers” around forever. Despite being written many years ago, this book still has relevance to health and fitness.

  2. I always loved Fitzsimmons’ book “Physical Culture and Self Defense”. You can get it thorugh google books here:

    Favorite quote:
    “You must impress it upon your mind, however, that there must be no weakening of the tasks that you laid down for yourself.
    Some cold morning you will get up, possibly after a hard night, feeling languid and unrefreshed. Instead of taking your cold bat, rub-down and exercises, you may be tempted to say, “Oh! I’ll just skip it this once, and jump into my clothes.”
    Such weakness is fatal.

  3. Good ‘ole Matt Furey sells that and 2 other articles from that site for $50, $20 and $18 plus $10 for S & H.

  4. I have a modern reprint of George Hackenschmidts book The way to Live.It’s very Interesting.What do you think of daily workouts with weights?

  5. “nowadays it is most difficult to obtain meat from absolutely healthy animals (I count those artificially fed in stables and pens among the unhealthy ones)” amazing that this was true even then.

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