Back Home

We are all back home and I’m in the process of catching up with work. I’ll hopefully be back with new blog entries either Thursday of Friday. I’ll then be back in full mode next week.

Here is my baby girl! Both she and my wife are doing great, and Troy is really enjoying his little sister!




  1. Wonderful news Ross Wonderful…Great Pictures of the little one.Now your a right daddy daycare.

  2. Ross this is your boy Chuck. Wow man she is a beautiful little girl !!!Congratulations!!! I’m glad to hear your wife and your daughter are doing fine. peace and Blessings as always Ross!

  3. She’s adorable, Ross! The thing about daughters is that they will always have Big Daddy’s back. Just wait and see! 🙂 And they grow so fast.

  4. Wonderful! Glad that all of you are healthy and doing well, and back home. Family is perhaps the best reason to stay fit. Congratulations!

  5. Hey Ross! It’s your boy Chuck. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. I can’t say it enough. Glad to hear your daughter and your wife are doing well. Congratulations Man. peace and Blessings always.

  6. Very cute little girl! Congrats coach ross! Good thing she got her mom’s features. Hehehe. God bless.

  7. Ross! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. How amazing you must feel. I remember the feeling like it was yesterday. There are no words to how emotional and wonderful you feel.

    Is it just as exciting the 2nd time around? I’ll be joining the 2 kid club soon myself. 😎

    Congrats again and I wish you the best with your family.

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