Longevity, Negativity, and Positive Thinking

Researchers recently analyzed the bone mass and genetics of a (then) 113 year old man.  The obvious question was how and why has this man lived such a long life? The full story is available at the link below:

Lifestyle or Genes?  The Health Secrets of a 114 Year Old Man

One quote of interest from the story reads as follows:

However, researchers do point out the fact that the excellent health of this family, and of the 113-year-old man in particular, is probably due to a Mediterranean diet, the temperate climate of the island, a lack of stress and regular physical activity.

Now we obviously know the benefits of eating well and exercising regularly. There are thousands of books, websites, videos, etc. all dedicated to fitness and nutrition. No one is denying the importance of these two elements. Many seem to overlook another piece of the puzzle however. In the quote above, it was also mentioned that the man lived with a lack of stress.

The idea of living a life without stress and negativity isn’t new. Unfortunately, many people in this world seem to overlook the role of positive thinking. Just because you exercise and eat well doesn’t mean that you are a good person. Exercising doesn’t put you in a higher class. You could still be a complete assh*le regardless of your fitness habits.

We all know some negative people. These people bitch and moan about the world to whoever is willing to listen. They complain about the government, gas prices, the economy, their job, their life, their neighbors, other drivers, their pets, other pets, etc. It is a never ending whine-fest about how bad the world is and how bad their life seems to be within it. I’ve come across these people at the gym. As stated above, the fact that you exercise doesn’t mean jack!

Now back to the whine-fest… What purpose does the whining serve? Does it bring about change? Or does it simply bring everyone else down around you?  Think about it… I’m not happy about the rising gas prices, but what good is it going to do to cry about it all day?  Will I wake up tomorrow and find free gas in my car? I doubt it.

So why waste your time complaining about the world every chance you can? Don’t you have anything positive to say? If not, why don’t you shut your mouth? Have you ever thought that maybe some of the people that you whine to don’t want to listen? Perhaps they don’t want to be tainted by your constant negativity?

We all know that there are problems in the world. Go watch the evening news. There are some true scum bags in the world. I don’t need to be reminded of it every minute of the day. Sure, there are assh*les out there, but there are also plenty of good, honest people. Why not focus on of the good? I don’t need a doctor to confirm that constant negativity and stress are far from healthy. Mr. and Mrs. Negative need not spread their poison to others. Stop feeling so bad about yourself and the world around you and do something positive with your time… because guess what? That time will expire at some point. That is one guarantee that I can make to everyone on this planet. Time is limited, so stop wasting it by bitching and moaning about everything that is wrong with the world.

Life is what you make of it, so start making it more positive. You’ll be a healthier (in many ways) person because of it.



  1. Nice post. People are always complaining about how terrible their life is, but never possess the determination or self-belief to do something about it. A real shame.

  2. there is another problem with media- good, positive news don’t sell good, that’s why we get all negative information

  3. This post is great and fits in quite well with my theme of the week at home, which is incorporating the law of attraction into our lives. I was raised with positivity and it has brought not only great things in my life, but also great people. I wish more people could learn this great trait.


  4. What I find interesting about the article after they concluded he lived so long because of his lifestyle is that they continue discussing the “link” between age and genetic expression.
    But the scientists in the first few paragraphs disregard genetics as the cause of this man’s longevity. This makes the last paragraphs almost worthless.

  5. ross, i’m an owner of several of your excellent manuals and continue to benefit from them physically. I’m usually a reader of many topics on your forums and gain lots of knowledge from them, but write very little. I think your points in this post are excellent. Positive thinking is something we can all benefit from and we need to be reminded of this often. Wether it’s reading a quote every morning or getting up each morning and saying, today I will think positively. A good movie on the power of the mind and how we can train it (rewire it) to think positively is called ” What the Bleep do we know “. It’s about many other topics as well, but might give some insight to some people. Great post.


  6. I want to thank you for this post. I am one of those “whining” people though until now I thought I was just “being prepared”, I have constantly talked and thought in a negative manner it is my own fault, though I learned this method of dealing with life from my father. I believed life was hopeless instead of improving on myself and trying to change I would constantly run everything into the ground.
    NO MORE.
    I have started remaking my life today, take action, allow myself to hope, and be positive no matter what.

  7. Wow Ross – I’m very new to your site, but I am totally hooked. It is just so rich and wise on such an array of topics. Maybe it is just because we are at similar points in our lives. I have a young son and find myself constantly thinking about how I can improve myself, our lives and the community around me in ways that will make his world a better place. This entry is a fine example of this. Thanks.

  8. You know what, those words have struck a very tight cord within me Ross. These past few months ive fallen prey into the negative “moanathon” and ive found myself bitching about every little thing. Reading that has really kind of moved something inside. Sorry to sound cheesy but thanks man.


  10. Hey Ross, Great article. Really engaging. I’ve met a few guys, admittedy not quite as old, betwee 60 and 80 who literally acted 20-30 years younger. What struck me was how much they lived life. It makes me wonder if that’s a big part of the secret. The fitter you are, both mentally, physically and emotionally the less stress you feel. the lss stress you feel the easier it is for your body to maintain itself and keep itself strong. This idea follows all the latest research.

    Now what if, when you got older you just kept working hard to keep your mind, body and soul fit. I don’t even mean working out every day, maybe just once a week pusing yourself in mind, body and spirit for an hour or two. Being very fit means your limits are set quite high.Therefore it takes a lot to stress you out an so you on’t feel stressed very often. In contrast if you don’t push youself very often your limits will be lower. So you’ll gt stressed at times you wouldn’t have if you were capable of more. Thus you inevitably feel more stress.

    It may be harder when you’re older because you don’t heal as quickly etc but all the evidence suggests that if you keep yourself fit then all your bodiy functions will work as they should, again you’ll also suffer less stress in all areas. So day to day your cells won’t be under attack. I can’t prove this idea but I can’t disprove it either. It also fits very well with everyone I can think of who’s outlasting their generation along with all the science I know. I’ve just never found any evidence that proves that as you get older you cannot do amaing things like run marathons. You can’t set world records but you can be very active and that’s all you need.

    Just thought I’d put it out there and see what others think. I’ve spoken a little more about it on my blog at http://colchambers.blogspot.com/2008/09/longevity-negativity-and-positive.html since you inspird me to write.

    Thanks for the insipration and the great insights.


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