Keg Lifting (how to open)

keg training

If you are interested in odd object lifting, a keg is one of the least expensive objects that you’ll find. Most liquor stores will gladly sell an empty keg for the standard $10 deposit fee. Liquor stores that are located near large college campuses are perhaps the best place to look.

As a graduate of the University of Connecticut, I knew there were always kegs in the area. A few years ago, I took the ride to my old school on a Monday morning. Monday is the best day for kegs, as the college kids are often returning kegs from weekend parties. I stopped at the one of the main liquor stores and asked if I could purchase a few empties. The store owner looked at me like I was from another planet, but gladly agreed. I had pick of the litter. I walked around the side of the store and found what had to be 20 or more empties. For thirty bucks, I had three fine empties.

Opening The Keg

opening a keg

You can pop the spring out with a small screwdriver. Once the spring is out, you’ll turn the stem until the tabs are aligned and then pull out the stem. You can then rinse out the inside and fill as much water as you need for lifting. It is somewhat of a pain to open and then close the keg, but you’ll get used to it with a few tries.

Video Demonstrations

Below are a few videos from Youtube that do a much better job at describing the simple process. The two videos show unique variations for opening the keg.

And here is another option:

And here is another link for those interested in opening a sankey keg.

How To Use It

Fortunately, you won’t need to be certified in anything to lift your keg. It’s really quite simple. You can clean and press it, shoulder it, squat with it, bear hug it and carry for time, load and unload the keg repetitively to a raised platform, and so on. As the water sloshes back and forth, you can expect a unique (and fun) challenge.

Use your imagination and you’ll think of many more exercises.



  1. Exellent! I was useing mine empty, and now that I see how easy it is to fill, I can put that baby to use.
    thank’s for the inspiration.

  2. Wickedess! I took mine apart over the weekend, but I was sprayed with beer though. Good times and thanks for the links.

    Keep it up..

  3. When I tried to open mine on Friday, I realized there was quite a bit of beer still in there. I guess training will have to wait til Monday. Cheers!!!

  4. Hi All,

    Ross, thanks for this video/article. I just wanted to ask as a curious question. Could you ‘farmers walk’ this keg. I have not bought one yet but i can see with the keg that there are holes around the top rim so maybe, inotrducing some towels or some sort of carrrying belt would work (wrapping the towel aroudn the rim hole), and then fill it with water and your ready to go?


    1. It’s a little late for this guy but if anybody else comes across this the answer is “yes”. The handles are designed to be held with gloves though and even then many handle designs will hurt.

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