In Need Of A Pick Me Up?

If you answered yes, take a few minutes to watch this video:

I’m far from a powerlifter, and have little interest in the sport, but it’s impossible to watch this clip without noticing a spike in your adrenaline. It will make you want to go pick something up and throw it (or someone). This kind of video gets my blood flowing better than the strongest cup of espresso.




  1. I always admired the feats of lifters, but can’t say I ever cared to watch a competition. Then, I went to the Arnold Fitness Expo to compete in jiu-jitsu, and while I was waiting, started watching an Olympic Lifting competition. Ho…..Ly…….Cow. It was so absolutely amazing to watch these guys snatch more than their own body weight. It’s one thing to hear about it, and see a clip of it, it’s another to watch these guys do it again and again in a competiton. Watch as the weights climb. See someone miss their first two attempts, barley grind it out in their third, then score on their first attempt at the next weight. It was awesome.

  2. I wonder what that last deadlift was?

    I still perfer the Dr.Boots challenge deadlift.

    It’s about time for another challenge for Ross.

  3. Interesting clip. Looks like it includes both powerlifting and olympic lifting. I’ve been to a competition and it takes all day to see both women and men compete in just a few categories. Amazing to see what competitors can do at 9 at night lifting 500 pounds over their heads.

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