1. well….what can i say.this guy sends chills up my spine.i have never felt so motivated as i do right now.Here is living proof that there are no excuses not to train..never again will i cook up lame excuses to avoid busting my ass.Great blog entry Ross.Cheers for the inspiration.These things give me direction where my training is concerned.

  2. Ross

    Great video we should all feel fortunate that we are able to train and we should be ashamed if we don’t train just as hard. The video is awe inspiring

  3. Outstanding.

    Massive respect to Dustin Carter and big respect also to Scott Goodpaster. Kudos also to Ross for posting this here and/or bringing this to our attention.

  4. great clip. that kid is more able bodied than most of the people i know. i can’t be easy to remain positive in his situation. respect.

  5. Nothing short of F#%king awesome. I saw this just before heading out to the shed to train and I was dreading it because it’s 40’C outside at the moment…….don’t think I’ll be worrying about that again.

  6. Amazing. One of those few individuals who truly pushes the limits of human ability.
    I will never complain about how much it hurts in the gym!

  7. That would be inspirational even if he had full limbs.
    p.s what was that abdominal device he was using?
    The thing that’s on wheels, has 3 handles, and a bit of a pad on it. He was using it sort of like an ab wheel.
    shown 3:05-3:12 minutes in.

  8. Holy $#%% (my reaction to the clip)

    Awesome video, Ross. Thanks for posting.
    I should show this to some of my relatives who always make excuses to avoid workouts. Great inspiration.


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