Interval Timers Part II

In a past entry, I mentioned a few worthwhile interval timers. Many readers then listed additional options within the comment section of the blog. You can catch up at this link:

To those looking for another Tabata interval timer, take a look at the link below. I was recently contacted by the developer. In his words, the timer is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and in an alpha-release for
mobile-devices that support java-me. Check it out.

Train hard,



  1. Ross,

    I have an MP3 that beeps at all the right times for the tabatas. It’s pretty handy, as you play it anywhere you have a CD or mp3 player.

  2. I bought a Gymboss several weeks ago and it works great. You can do two different intervals, it counts the number of intervals done and can be set for auto or manual. I use to count to myself and didn’t realize how distracting that was and now with the Gymboss you just set it and can really concentrate on your workout movements.

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