1. There are so many natural sweetener options that people just aren’t informed about – I wish every diabetic would learn about stevia, a natural sweetener that as an herbal supplement also helps regulate blood sugar. I get stevia online at http://www.shopnatural.com. They’ve got other natural sweeteners too – check them out.

  2. I am not here to tell anyone to use products that contain aspartame, but this piece was nothing more than pseudo-journalistic sensationalism. Again, far from encouraging the use of aspartame, I encourage people to 1)learn about the scientific method and how to understand published scientific results, along with their strengths and weaknesses, and 2)THEN look into this issue and decide what types of sweeteners/products that you are willing to consume. Don’t just take the word of someone you know, or a flashy “news” piece. I know that reading this comment will look like a tacit endorsement of aspartame use, but I assure you it is not. I just want folks to learn how to learn for themselves.

  3. I am approaching the century mark for weight loss in the past year and a half. When I started, I switched to sweet’n low with my coffee, diet coke, and crystal light. Prior to that, I drank regular soda pop, juice, and took my coffee with 3 teaspoons of sugar. I was exercising and the weight was coming off, but I had wicked headaches. I thought it was the weight loss causing the problem. I then read something about Equal, which i didn’t even use, but the article got me thinking about artificial sweeteners. I am no scientist but I know that I feel way better since I switched over to natural foods. The headaches disappeared when I dropped the artificial sweeteners. It may not sound that bad, but I had migraines all day before changing.

    This site has several studies listed from some big names like MIT and even the federal government


    I agree that we should think for ourselves, but there is plenty of research against these sweeteners


  4. Interesting information. Regardless of the assumed (in)validity of the source, if there is any health risk involved is it worth it for the sake of sweetening food, especially when there are other options available?

    From what I can tell pretty much all of the food it is added to is non-essential junky stuff anyhow, so why take any kind of a risk when fruit and other whole real food will do the trick and offer so many benefits besides?

    I think part of the problem is our perceived ‘need’ to sweeten things. Try this: stop using all sweeteners for a week or so, and see how sweet a lot of food is already. I bet your cravings for sweets dissapates too.

    I’m curious too about Ross’ “huge difference” felt after stopping using this stuff. Care to elaborate please?

  5. Ross, love the work you’re doing here. I appreciate all the information you’ve condensed here. Truly an amazing resource.

    I really like the fact that you shift the focus and point out that most of this information isn’t initially yours and that you’re really just a conduit for it.

    I realize I’m late to the party here but can you please tell me what exactly you noticed differently once you cut out aspartame? I love my diet coke and could stand to at the very least minimize the amount I drink.

    Hearing some empirical data from a trusted source might help me swing my vote as it’s confusing when you read two conflicting studies.


    1. Wow, this is an old one! Diet soda is absolute crap however. The only thing I’ve ever found it useful for was removing rust from an old set of dumbbells. That alone should be a sign.

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