Homemade Kicking Machine

With the recent discussion of homemade equipment ideas, I believe many readers will enjoy this homemade kicking apparatus (see video below):

Designed by Ron Kosakowski, this low-tech device would be a great (inexpensive) addition to any fighter’s gym.

To those in my local area (Connecticut), check out Ron’s gym in Waterbury if you are looking to enhance your mixed martial arts training. Here is a direct link to Ron’s website:




  1. Great Idea, although i’m not a fighter. Maybe using a light band on the kicking foot would increase efficiency 🙂

    Greets from Germany,


  2. Looks like a great machine but for me I think it would need to be higher at least stomach/solar plexus level


    1. A makiwara stands still and is meant to strengthen the bone
      this moves a bit, but has a lot of resistance, and is meant to strengthen the muscle

  3. he has 2 larger versions as well one for punching and 1 for body… like kicking wall
    train with Ron and his son who is an absolute beast… I do wanna make 1 those

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