More sleep ideas…

Those interested in minimal sleep options/ideas may enjoy the links below:

Uberman’s Sleep Schedule

Polyphasic Sleep

I have never experimented with such a system, but am interested in giving it a try. It’s difficult to formulate an opinion without hands on experience. I may give it a whirl later this summer.

Anyone with experience is welcome to share feedback within the comments section of this blog entry.



  1. Advanced meditators have acheived states of mind that are more restful than the deepest sleep, and personally that would make sense, since I’ve felt exhausted but after just a couple minutes of concentrating on the breath felt refreshed and more alert. Meditations are just mental tasks, and nothing more. The concentration meditations are generally restful once one has had some practice with them, but at first meditations are for most people downright boring or uncomfortable.

  2. That polyphasic idea sounds funny enough to try, unfortunately it’ll be impossible for me to try until summer holidays, but really thinking about testing it then… More people into it so we’ll be able to form a group of some kind?

  3. Look into biphasic sleeping. Seems much easier to follow. Also check out and search for polyphasic sleeping. He recently did some experimenting with it.

  4. Wow this guy is very experimental. This may explain his success, his willingness to try new things. Very interesting articles indeed, not to mention this Steve Pavlina guy is quite a character, lol. I thoroughly enjoyed that, thanks Ross.

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