What is the world coming to…

A new report suggests that more and more children are resorting to weight loss surgery.

More kids having weight-loss surgery

As quoted below:

For decades, the number of kids trying weight-loss surgery has been tiny. The operations themselves were risky, with a death rate of about 1 in 50. Children rarely got that fat, and when they did, pediatricians hesitated to put the developing bodies under the knife. Only 350 U.S. kids had such an operation in 2004, according to federal statistics.

But improvements in surgical technique and huge increases in the number of dangerously obese children have begun fueling a change of heart.

So, now that more and more kids are obese, our solution as a society is to put these children under the knife? Opting for surgery is just as bad as opting for the magic pill. Neither “solution” (and I use this term VERY lightly) will solve the real problem. Surgery and pills simply mask the symptoms, with no concern over the true cause of the problem.

Why are more and more children dangerously obese? Is it something in the water? Are these children gaining weight in their sleep?

Do Food Genies force these kids to consume unhealthy meals in excess?

Isn’t it about time that we put some pressure on PARENTS to begin leading from the front! I’m puzzled that a parent is willing to put his or her child under the knife, but can’t find it in them to say NO when their child asks for junk food? They will risk the dangers of surgery, but can’t assume the role of a PARENT, which is to TEACH their children how to live and function in this world.

What is wrong with our world today?

Being a parent is a privilege! When you bring someone into this world, it is YOUR responsibility to take care of the child. Letting your child eat his or her way to surgery is NOT going to win you a Parent of the Year award.

I am still shocked at the crap that so many parents fill their grocery carts with when shopping at the local supermarket. No one is forcing you to buy junk food for your children. No one forces you or your children to eat crap.

We need to take responsibility for our actions, as well as the actions of our young children. Stop looking to place the blame elsewhere. It is so much easier to look in the mirror!





  1. This stuff is scary. I saw something mentioned on TV with like a 300 pound little girl and the “loving them to death” thing definitely applies! In some extreme cases list that, maybe Prader-Willi is at work, but I know that’s pretty rare. Did you notice how the article seemed to play down any possibility of people getting results on their own?

    They supposedly tried everything, but what exactly was tried? There’s so much misinformation out there on diet and exercise, it seems easy to go wrong unless you do the right research. You’d think the medical people would have them trying a good routine, but I guess I have my doubts even for that. They said the results after 6 months wasn’t good enough, but what were the results? I’d think the max that’d be healthy to lose in 6 months would be 50 pounds, probably safter at 25.

    Yahoo linked this as a related story, on a program in Germany to teach people basic cooking of healthy meals. I think we really need more of that kind of thing in the world:

    For instance, we eat home made pizza with some regularity but it is whole grain flower, sauce made from pure tomatoes, mozzarella shredded from a block, etc. It doesn’t really take that long to do and has to be healthier than pizza hut would be.

    If less people were intimidated by cooking, I’m sure things would improve. And as always, the excuse of lack of time isn’t as firm as it can be. You can make lunch the night before. You can eat supper a little later, etc…

  2. OMG!!! I can’t believe this. As a parent I am furious that some one would let their child get that way. I’m no food nazi; my kids have some junk food, but I can count on one hand the times its happened in the last year (2006). I know how time consuming it is to make a meal, and how frustrating it is to feed it to a finicky toddler. Still junk food (I include those ready to heat frozen meals) every night is not the answer. Turn off the TV, stop thinking about how tired you are, and focus on what is good for your children NOT what is easy.

    For those parents standing idly by while their child become obese that is nothing short of abuse and neglect. Because their children are going to have a life time of hardship.

  3. Awesome post Ross! I too make a game of looking in other people’s carts at the grocery and it never fails that those carrying the widest of loads behind them have the worst stuff in their carts. It’s like people haven’t figured out cause-and-effect. People need to learn that a parent’s job is first and foremost to be a parent, not a friend. Do what’s right for you kids by providing them with healthful foods and they will thank you later in life, although they may curse you now.

  4. Ross, Great post and one of my biggest pet peeves. I beleive that parents allowing children to become overweight (get fat) is the worst form of child abuse. Yes, child abuse. I’m sure you know and hope your readers know and really wish the parents who abuse their children this way KNEW the statistics related to how many of these “fat” children will be FAT adults…the physiological health risks and the sociological health risks (hot chicks and hot guys don’t date “the fat kid” nor do the ideal mates, meaning no-one who is sharp, smart, educated, etc, etc will want to marry these “children” when they grow up.

    I can’t go on to list all the negatives that go along w/ being fat. Again, “fattening” up your child is the worst form of child abuse. I see it every day – and the shame is, there is no law against it. Abuse your children. Destroy their lives (literally) and there is no law against this. And guess what these fat children will have as children when they grow up – more fat children. So not only are these parents abusing their own children, they are abusing their whole lineage of offspring. This is horrible. Again, Ross, your posts are awesome. How you keep hitting them out of the park is beyond me. And unfortunately, just because I can see and appreciate your genius doesn’t make me a genius. But I can appreciate, see and learn. So keep them coming.

  5. I think it’s safe to say that this is an aggravating issue with a lot of people who are conscious about what they put into their bodies and take health very seriously.

    Notice how advertisements and such are shown to you. The slob tried “everything” but “nothing” worked. But then he/she had a band placed around their stomach (or however that thing works) and they “lost weight”. I’ve seen commercials for that thing and the woman in the ad was STILL a huge fatass. B!tch what exactly did you “try” that didn’t “work”!!??

    Also reminds me of this little segment I saw on one of those learning channels about this hugely obese guy that couldn’t stand up and was always on his stomach laying. There was even a special ambulance made just to haul this fatass. The real kicker of that little episode was the obese mom giving her short little interview about how she/they were hoping this would just “pass” like it’s a phase or something and everything would be alright. Theres a scene of her giving him a can of soda! The guy is already morbidly obese and shes giving him crap that’ll only make things worse.

    We have got some SERIOUS idiots in this country. Do some people genuinely not make the connection between shitty food and fatassery?

  6. Surely the food industry have to be held at least partially responsible? If crap wasn’t available, crap wouldn’t sell.

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