Too Short?

I receive emails on a daily basis from aspiring fighters who believe they are too short, too old, too skinny, etc…

Basically, these athletes are convinced that they do not have the perfect body type to compete as a fighter.

This is a myth. There is a fighting style for almost every body type.

But rather than taking my word, why not view the video below for a live demonstration. Who said you need to be 6 feet tall to become an effective fighter?




  1. Being very short myself (5ft 5inches)its an inspiration to see smaller guys fight and kick some big guy in the face. I have known Zambidis for 3 years now and he is an awesome guy and i am glad to see a supreme athlete like Mr. Enamait recognize him. Thanks for supporting my bud Ross!

  2. Iron Mike is a human stick of dynamite. His punches and knee strikes are sledgehammers. His ancestors must’ve been Spartans..! Great video..!

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