Pill Poppers

There is a pill for almost everything. Can’t sleep? Pop a pill. Overweight? Pop a pill. Shy in public? Pop a pill. Need a tan? Pop a pill… The list goes on and on.

It should come as no surprise that our world is filled with pill poppers, particularly when you realize that the pharmaceutical industry spends billions on advertising to the general public. Fortunately, a new study slams this very industry.

Study Blasts TV Drug Ads

A few quotes from the article above include:

“Pharmaceutical companies spent an estimated $1.9 billion on TV advertising in 2005.”


“Ninety-five percent of ads made “emotional appeals,” and 78 percent implied that use of the medication would result in social approval. Fifty-eight percent of the time, products were depicted as medical breakthroughs.”


“In fact, the average American television viewer now spends 16 hours a year watching prescription drug ads, far exceeding the average time spent with a primary care physician.”


“The ads are effective in moving consumers to ask doctors for these prescriptions, and patients sometimes get the prescriptions, even though it’s not the appropriate drug.”

Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate a pill that I can insert inside the television to stop it from playing pharmaceutical ads.




  1. Jason, there are safer methods of birth control, (in terms of health), such as Condoms. The point I think Ross is trying to put out is that there is to much of a reliance of pills in order to function in daily life.

  2. Obviously some pills have good effects, but I agree that it has gone way over the top lately. I don’t watch much TV anymore, but if you look at something like the nightly news, it seems like 90% of all commercials in that slot are drug ads now. Way way up from what it used to be.

    It’s a lot like the ads aimed at kids. “Ask your Mom to buy you this toy.” If they can get the patient to pressure the doctor, the doctor is more likely to do it just to make them happy. And even if it is the right kind of medicine to get, this stears people away from generics that might be a third of the price and be just as effective. It’s good to be informed, but not in this kind of heavily skewed way…

  3. It’s amazing that people buy into so many Prescription drugs, not even realizing that with just a little time and patience in research – they can more than likely figure out ways around the problems.

    Don’t get me wrong — there’s no natural cure for everything … but the fact of the matter is – there is for most cases.

    I can’t stand seeing all of the advertisements. People will probably argue that there’s no proof or not enough studies, etc. with natural antidotes but would you rather (in a non-life threatening situation) risk ruining your life with side-effects or take a risk with a more natural approach?

    I continue to live a more natural life now and definitely feel better.

    But there’s always pain relievers and alcohol for those who believe in big pharmaceutical companies … the same effect you’ll gain on your liver as most prescriptions. 😉

  4. As important as eating healthy food, and avoiding unnecessary pills: turn off the TV. There is NOTHING worth watching. It’s no less a crime to feed your child McFat burgers than it is to stick them in front of the tv. Is it any wonder that many of the adds are for pills – look at the average viewer.

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