Nice Wrestling Article

A friend emailed me the article below. It’s a nice read regarding the Brandon (FL) wrestling team.

A typical workout shows why Brandon’s wrestling team doesn’t lose

I particularly liked the emphasis on rope climbing. As quoted within:

A 45-pound weight hangs from a belt around their waists. Their hands grab 40-foot ropes. Up, up to the rafters. Down. Up again…

Both rope climbing and rope pull-ups are excellent additions to any strength workout. If rope climbing is new to you, check out the article below (also lists a few suppliers):

Rope Climbing

And while sharing the wrestling article above, you may also enjoy the wrestling video below. I linked to this video in my old blog, and had a request come through for it again.




  1. Amazing…I was wondering how their necks and heads take on all the banging under the weight of two heavy men..

    Good one

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