1. I’ll have to admit, you totally surprised me, Ross. But when one stops to think about it, it makes good sense. Blazing new pathways in the brain is no different than learning a new combo or movement; it’s has to start “at the top”, and having a malleable brain makes it all that much easier!

    I’ve always wanted to learn to juggle…

  2. Ross, I think that is some really great advice. I’ve juggled for many years, and I can vouch for helping the brain. When trying to learn a new trick, it can actually feel like your brain is literally stretching!

    Most people will be able to get the 3 ball cascade pretty solid in a couple of days (ranges probably from some hours to a week or so). My only advice might be that tennis balls are a little light by default. Might be worth it to slit them open and add a little weight (like birdseeds or something). But yeah, just about anything should work, from baseballs to billiard balls to fruit to rocks to whatever. You’ll never look at the produce or sports isle again after juggling. 😉

    Some other ideas for coordination: the Dance Dance Revolution game, in which you have to put your feet in the correct spot as arrows stream up. Harder levels can be pretty taxing on the stamina (though probably less so for someone who does a lot of jump rope) while also challenging the mind to decode the patterns.

    There’s of course various other juggling-ish props and skill toys out there, like yo-yos (two-handed looping especially feels like juggling), diabolos, etc. Simple ball juggling is definitely a nice place to start, though.

    Just for fun… Shinji Saito yo-yoing

    Juggling + DDR

  3. Excellent ideas…

    And Shawn, it all boils down to preference I suppose. I’ve always used tennis balls. It’s what I am used to.

    And I also agree regarding the three-ball cascade. It is easy to learn. Once you move on to more difficult variations however… it becomes an entirely new challenge.


  4. Mike – I figured people would be surprised… but many people will also be surprised at how much they struggle with 4 ball juggling and other variations. Hand-eye coordination will improve VERY fast with regular practice.


  5. Hi Ross,

    Thanks for writing this article. I used to juggle quite a bit and this has inspired me to start doing some juggling again!

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