1. Great e-books Ross. I’ve been working on handstands and planche for some time now and need to go back and reread these two. Then maybe I should use their advice on the progressions.

  2. I was really really impressed with these handstand booklets when I read them a while back. Great clear instructional material, more so than anything else I’ve seen on the subject online.

  3. Fascinating materials. Fantastic website as a whole also… From a quick review of selected materials, it is interesting to note that the modern-day “funtional training” writers are helping to move the Zeitgeist back towards many of these exercises and principes…

  4. Thanks Ross!!!
    I firmly believe that you must be able to move your body effortlessly in all directions in order to be considered “In Shape”. These e-books are proof of what the MEN of old were like and how we should strive to be like them.
    Look at the Spartans,minimal exercise equipment but a feirce warrior culture.

  5. to be fair/accurate, these are exercises -‘asanas’? – from yoga, largely, which of course has a large range of strengthening through static holds dating back..well possibly millenia.

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