Testing finds lead in vitamins, other problems

ConsumerLab.com recently released a report of 21 multivitamin products for adults and children. Problems were found with more than half — including unacceptably high levels of lead, and too much or too little of a particular ingredient.

Testing finds lead in vitamins, other problems

The full report is available at the consumerlab.com site. As stated in the link above:

“The company, based in White Plains, New York, is privately held and provides consumer information and independent evaluations of products that affect health and nutrition. According to the company, it is neither owned by nor has a financial interest in any companies that make, distribute or sell consumer products.”

As a member of the consumerlab.com site (who has read the full report), I can say that the 4 billion dollar a year vitamin industry will not be very happy with these results.

Ultimately, no supplement can contend with a nutrient rich diet.



  1. well, i guess my idea of buying the cheapest multivitamin might not be the best after all. actually i was wondering if sth can be wrong with cheap vitamis; now i have my answer.

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