New Blog

As you can see, I have started a new web blog. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the archives from the old blog.

On a positive note, I have changed web hosts.  The new host offers MUCH better performance. This is also true for the message board. The posts now load almost instantly.

We can finally say goodbye to slllloooowwww loading pages!

Train hard!

Ross Enamait


  1. Ross,
    you could recover your blog if you want to, at least some of it.
    For instance, you do offer RSS feed that I subscribed to and I have an archive started on March 20, 2006 (named First Post :o)
    So again, if you want/need to, it could be done.

    Petr R.

  2. My feed reader also has archived all your past blog posts. I don’t know if wordpress has an option to import posts from RSS. Let me know if you need the archived RSS feed from me.

  3. Please let me know if you can email the RSS feed. I believe I can then import the feed through the Word Press control panel.

    It’s worth a shot…


  4. I hope the old blogs can be put back online. There was one written when Ross became a new father–about no excuse parenting, etc. I’m not characterizing it well, but it was something I thought every father should read. I had my wife read it and it touched her enough that she began to cry. Ross now has two big fans at our house.

  5. Thanks Mike!

    I tried to upload the RSS feed to no avail. I will look into it further this weekend.

    Worst case scenario I can always repost some of the older threads.

    I’ll do my best. Thank you again for the support.


  6. G’day Ross,

    Just found your site and to keep it simple, ‘love your work’. I have just found out I’m about to become a father and am also interested in the ‘No excuse parenting’.
    I’ve just dedicated myself to 12 months of full on training as I’m hoping to join an elite police unit we have here in Oz, what you would probably call SWAT or similar, and the newborn will be due half way through this.
    At the risk of probably sounding like half the people who have posted on this blog (unsure as I can’t see previous)what a breath of fresh air! Hard work and common sense. You’ll be hearing more from me and a few more Aussies once I pass this on.

    All the best

    P.S. Apologies from Australia for the following;
    Heath Ledger, Uhhh that’s it, oh and the meat pie that’s about to hit your sports stadiums to try and compete with the hotdog (theres only 15% meat in those things).

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