Caffeine May Ease Workout Pain

A recent study suggests that drinking the equivalent of two cups of coffee before exercise may reduce post-workout muscle pain by nearly 50 percent.

Caffeine May Ease Workout Pain

I’ve never been a huge fan of pre-workout stimulants, as I’ve seen athletes become dependent on such stimulants (i.e. they begin to believe that they cannot perform without the supplement), but this study is certainly interesting.



  1. This is interesting, and helps to drive home the point of how all of these studies conducted can be so confusing and in some cases contradictive in regard to cost vs. benefit. There have been studies that have shown that consuming caffeine prior to workout actually reduces the amount of bloodflow to the heart and can reduce overall athletic performance (see link below).

  2. I too became “addicted” to energy drinks and pre-workout stimulants. I couldn’t even conduct a simple GPP routine without downing a “Monster” energy drink or homemade drink that contained caffeine. One of my goals for the year was to dump caffeine as a pre-workout aid and see what happened. So far I’ve had great luck and haven’t noticed any difference. I’ve also started to adopt many of the principles of the “Zone” style of eating which I believe has also helped.

    But I think without a doubt caffeine can become more of a psychological pre-workout addiction.

  3. I read a very interesting article about coffee/cafeine in a scientific magazine, some time ago. You – your body, it is – cán really become addicted to cafeine, and, in fact, a lot of people áre addicted – people who consume ‘normal’ amounts of coffee, bút consume is frequently (i.e. daily).

    The most important thing I remembered was this quote: “You get an energy boost from cafeine. On the other hand: people who are addicted to cafeine have as much energy after having consumed cafeine as people who are not addicted, have … without cafeine!”

  4. I understand caffeine also increases fat burning during workouts too. I am concerned though regarding negative effects and whether or not there are any.

  5. I read that study too. It made a point to stress that it referred to black coffee, so no cream and no sugar. I have tried it a few times before conditioning. It did give me an extra boost, but I found I had to drink much more water to compensate. Going to try it for a few weeks to see if I shed more body fat.

  6. I realize some people are addicted to caffeine … I realize that some people believe there’s no side effects and I also believe that some people should wake up.

    Caffeine is known to cause Insulin spikes, along with Glucose, which we all know “is not good for you”.

    Caffeine is also known to actually cause serious depression. I’ve even heard that caffeine can actually cause muscle loss, along with “fat loss”.

    But if you have to have caffeine for any reason — you should take it early in the morning. 🙂

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