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Untapped Strength - Ross Enamait

Many athletes spend their entire lives without ever tapping into the strength potential that exists throughout the lower arms. I personally made this mistake as a young athlete, and it is my hope that I can prevent others from doing the same.

Untapped Strength is a 244 page electronic book that is dedicated to lower arm development. This program is not intended for grip competitors, but rather athletes and exercise enthusiasts who wish to develop the lower arms to enhance performance and improve overall strength.

Throughout the book, I detail a simplified approach to lower arm training that is intended to complement your existing routine. Regardless of your athletic goals, stronger hands, fingers, and wrists will enhance performance and reduce risk of injury.

As for equipment requirements, there are options for everyone. You will find bodyweight exercises, free weight lifts, odd object lifts, several homemade tools, and even exercises that can be performed with regular household items. In other words, whatever you have is more than enough to start.

Topics Include

An abbreviated list of topics include the following:

  • Indirect lifts that develop the lower arms
  • Bodyweight exercises for the lower arms
  • Odd object training
  • Low-tech equipment tutorials
  • Pinch grip training
  • Thick grip training
  • Support grip training
  • Crush grip and finger training
  • Wrist training
  • Forearm development
  • A simplified approach to lower arm programming
  • And much, much more…

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A Sample Movements

Below are a just a handful of sample movements contained within this program. We will make the most of each training modality. Free weights, bodyweight exercise, homemade equipment, and odd objects are just a few items found on the training menu.

This program is packed with 244 pages of pure content and is available as an instant download.

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