Prioritizing Your Health Is Not Selfish

If you’re familiar with my material, you’ve certainly seen me highlight the potential of low-tech workouts that can be performed almost anywhere. I’m a big believer in training wherever you are with whatever you have. Yet, I don’t promote this message because of ill feelings towards any particular gym or establishment. I have nothing against […]

Inside The Cuban Weight Room – Cary Kolat

I’ve been known to exercise in unconventional ways with tools that were not intended for exercise. I enjoy going against the grain and making the most of whatever is around me. Whether I’m performing rollouts with a lawnmower or skipping rope in the kitchen, I’m confident that I can exercise anywhere with anything. Success does […]

Warming Up With Juggling For Hand-Eye Coordination

Earlier this week, I posted a short video to Instagram where I demonstrated a warm-up that combined juggling with bodyweight squats. After posting the video, I received a variety of questions about the exercise. Based on the volume of inquiries, I will use this entry to quickly summarize what I consider to be an effective […]