Suspension Trainer Update (Slipping Straps)

Below is a brief update to the previous suspension trainer tutorial that I posted in February. Since posting the original, I’ve had several questions come through about straps that were slipping through the cam-buckles. If you have dealt with a similar problem, you will find what is often a simple solution. In case you are […]

Homemade Suspension Trainer Tutorial

November 2011 Update – Inexpensive straps from Strapworks are also ideal for suspension trainers (as seen here) Below is a new video tutorial that I recently filmed. It shows how to create a suspension trainer from an inexpensive pair of cam-buckle tie-downs. Most of the previous tutorials that I have featured on the blog required […]

Another Suspension Trainer (With Door Anchor)

Below is yet another homemade suspension trainer tutorial. Within this clip, you’ll also find information on how to create an inexpensive door anchor (7:30 into the video). The door anchor can be particularly useful for those who regularly travel and wish to bring the device with them. If you need straps for your suspension trainer, […]