Full Throttle Conditioning FAQ

Ross, what equipment do I need for this program?

My conditioning style is not tool or exercise specific. Rather, it is a system based on specific principles. Almost any exercise or tool can be effective if used properly.

As for the modalities that you will see throughout the video, there are several low-tech tools included, along with many bodyweight exercises. The DVD cover will give you a feel for some of the equipment that is used. Please note that no specific piece of equipment is essential, although I do strive to give as many options, to as many viewers as possible. The emphasis is certainly low-tech however, with many homemade tools shown throughout.

Ross, is this a follow along workout video?

No, this is not a follow along video. Throughout the video, I explain the conditioning philosophy that I use with my athletes, demonstrate several exercises (and progressions), and provide a few brief workout demonstrations. These demonstrations are included to teach pace and intensity.

Ross, does Full Throttle contain a sample 50 day plan (similarly to your other books)?

No, this is a conditioning program, not a full weekly plan. I do however discuss program creation, and teach how to create a plan that includes all aspects such as skill, strength, and conditioning. There are also several conditioning workouts contained within the companion manual.

Ross, does this program focus on strength training as well?

No, this is a conditioning program. This is not a strength training video or manual.

Ross, is this program suitable for beginners?

This program was not created for a specific level. There is a starting point for most viewers.

My goal is to provide the viewer with the information necessary to create his or her own unique conditioning program. Such a program must jive with your own needs, interests, abilities, and schedule. Athletes of all levels can apply the material.

Ross, I live outside the USA. Is the DVD compatible with my DVD player?

The DVD is region free, so should not cause any problems with any region specific players.