Gaining Mass and Related Thoughts On Simplicity

Below are two video clips from the legendary Jack Lalanne. Within each, Jack shares several tips for those interested in gaining weight. Don’t expect a detailed discussion of molecular science, but do expect several easy to follow suggestions. One of the reasons that I enjoy Lalanne’s old clips is his ability to simplify those topics […]

When victory is your duty

With the Olympic Games underway, it is a great time to focus our attention towards an Olympic powerhouse. And while the story alone is interesting, there are important lessons that can be realized by studying the success of one small island nation. Cuba is without question the most dominant force in amateur boxing. This small […]

New Video – Compilation

I have been training for most of my life, and started my first website in 2001. I finally began filming workouts in 2003. Since that time, I’ve posted several videos to the site. Up until now, each video has been associated with a specific article or blog entry. Within each Youtube video description (the […]