New Training Interview – Ross Enamait

Below is a link to a new training interview that I recently conducted for a German website. Throughout the interview, I answered a variety of questions that some readers may find useful. A few of the topics include dealing with bad days, mental strength, and strength training for fighters. As always, if you ever have […]

Mental Toughness In The Cold

In previous articles, I have discussed several facets of outdoor training in the winter. I have not only highlighted the potential of outdoor exercise, but I’ve also emphasized the significance of dressing appropriately. Extreme temperatures are nothing to take lightly. It is always important to prepare yourself for the elements around you. For instance, last […]

Tornado Ball Training Update

Following my recent sledgehammer training update, I received a few inquiries from individuals who were interested in possible alternatives. They liked the idea of swinging a sledgehammer but didn’t have a hammer or a place to swing it. Fortunately, it is not difficult to create an inexpensive work-around. Below you can see the same homemade […]