Improve Hand-Eye Coordination By Juggling

Over the past few months, I’ve posted a few juggling videos to Instagram. One showed me juggling three baseballs in between sets of lifting and the other showed me juggling racquetballs against a wall. Since sharing those brief clips, I’ve received several questions about juggling. Many athletes have written to me asking whether it makes […]

Gymnastic Ring Training With Jordan Jovtchev

Olympic athletes tend to know a few things about training. After all, it’s not exactly easy to become an Olympian. Years of hard work must be performed to reach such a level. It’s even more difficult to compete in multiple Olympic games. Repeat performers not only display world class ability, but also longevity. With that […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bodyweight Exercise

In recent entries, I have discussed bodyweight exercise for larger athletes. As stated previously, a heavier body will make certain exercises more difficult, but there’s no such thing as becoming too strong or muscular for calisthenics. Regardless of your size, bodyweight exercise can prove useful for strength and body composition. Don’t just take my word […]

A Blessing In “The Size”

In my last entry, I mentioned that bodyweight exercise is not exclusive to smaller athletes. You don’t need to be a lightweight to benefit from the convenience and effectiveness of calisthenics. Naturally, certain exercises will be more difficult for larger athletes, but the added difficulty is not necessarily a bad thing. Exercising with a larger […]