Two-Ball Skills to Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

If you’re familiar with this blog, you have likely seen me discuss the importance of hand-eye coordination. As I’ve said before, there’s much more to training than strength and conditioning. You’ll be hard pressed to find many athletes who wouldn’t benefit from improved coordination. With that in mind, I’m a big believer in practicing simple […]

It’s Worth it, Even When Nothing is Guaranteed

If you’ve ever spent time training with me, it’s all but guaranteed that you have heard me preach about the importance of hard work and dedication. I talk about these qualities so often that I probably sound like a broken record. My ramblings about hard work and dedication aren’t by accident though. I don’t repeat […]

Athletic Development – Beyond Strength and Endurance

In a recent entry, I stated that we currently live in what I describe as the strength and conditioning era. Young athletes have never spent so much time working to develop strength, power, and endurance. Unfortunately, the extra time directed towards these attributes often comes at the expense of other physical qualities. Speaking as a […]