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64 Years Old and Still Going Strong

Below is an inspiring video of a 64 year old great grandfather who didn’t begin exercising until age 55. He now performs bodyweight feats that many half his age could never dream of doing. To suggest that his quality of life has improved since he began training is perhaps the greatest understatement of all.

What I enjoyed most about his regimen is that he does the majority of it outside on the bars. There is no dependence on state of the art equipment or facilities. He has literally become his own gym. He can train wherever he goes.

Ironically, while this 64 year old outperforms most young men, training gurus around the world continue to complicate physical fitness. Perhaps more people should follow this man’s example as opposed to those whose primary interest isn’t your well being, but rather the size of their wallet.

It is stories of those like this great grandfather that need more attention. If we all encouraged more people to get up and begin moving, many of today’s health related problems would dramatically improve. Physical fitness is not complicated. The most important aspect of getting in shape is to get up and get moving. There is no single best way. Several roads lead to the same destination. Rather than confusing those who wish to begin the journey, let’s instead focus more attention towards getting people to actually begin.


Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification. – Martin H. Fischer


Fred Peterson Still Going Strong

It has been over three years since I mentioned Fred Peterson on this blog. At the time, I posted a video of him deadlifting over 600 pounds. Amazingly at age 75, he’s still going strong and certainly worthy of another entry. The following video was taken last month. The strength that he displays at 75 is beyond incredible.

Perhaps my favorite video of Fred Peterson comes from 2008 however. In the video below, you will not only see him in action, you’ll hear him share some words of wisdom. He begins speaking at approximately 4:35 within the video.

Fred Peterson has been lifting for over 50 years. He’s also had his share of injuries, but they’ve never held him back. He keeps on grinding.

In his words,

It’s a lot of hard work, and it doesn’t come free.

Such a simple statement is truly invaluable particularly when uttered by a man with his accomplishments. At age 75, Fred Peterson is stronger than vast majority of strength and conditioning professionals today. The difference is that he’s not trying to sell you a short term miracle plan. Instead, he reminds us that the road to the top is a long and challenging journey. It isn’t easy, and that’s exactly why it is so unusual to witness his level of strength.

Unlike many from Fred’s generation, today’s world often seeks shortcuts to challenging obstacles. An impressive work ethic stands out more today than it did many years ago. If everyone worked hard, hard work wouldn’t be mentioned. It would just be part of the daily process.

Unfortunately, hard and consistent work have become a rarity. A week does not pass without someone asking me what is the fastest way to gain strength. These people want shortcuts. They don’t to hear that it is going to take time. They don’t wish to embark on what promises to be a challenging and often painful journey.

They can’t handle the truth. As a result, it is no surprise that so many quick-fix workouts and routines are hyped to the masses. Promises of instant gratification will always be more marketable than the truth. Fortunately, there are still some like Fred Peterson who remind us that the road to the top is an arduous journey, but also one that is truly rewarding.

Real strength requires a significant investment in time. There are no shortcuts. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you wish to develop impressive strength, prepare for a journey that will last a lifetime. It won’t be easy, but there’s no other journey I’d rather take. Like Fred Peterson, I am a lifetime traveler.  I’ll keep grinding until my last day.


Those at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.


Bodyweight Exercise For All Ages

Following a few recent posts about playground workouts, I’ve had several readers of the site pass along additional videos of impressive bodyweight displays. One of those videos was that of a 53 year old man performing muscle-ups at a park. You can see the video below.

After sharing the clip on Facebook, I received a message from someone who vehemently disputed the man’s age. In his words, there is no way a 53 year old man could perform that type of work. Rather than arguing, I thought it would be better to instead share additional examples of individuals who have stayed young despite what some would consider old age.

The videos below come from previous entries that I’ve made to the site. It took but a few minutes to gather this brief selection. There are many more that I could have shared but the following clips should be enough to remove all doubt.


60+ Years Old and Still Going Strong


Standing Rollouts at age 71


Gymnastics Display at 71 Years Young


Korean Judo Master – Age 64


Chin-ups At 84 Years Old


Another Case For Simplicity


Burpees at 70+


As evident above, it is quite possible to perform impressive bodyweight feats at all ages. Hard and consistent work are the only true secrets to strength and fitness. If you work hard and remain consistent, it is only a matter of time before you improve. Fancy programs and equipment are not necessary.


The idea is to die young as late as possible. – Ashley Montagu


Inactivity Kills

Charles Eugster lived most of his life without any athletic involvement. Fortunately, he realized that you are never too old to try something new. The 93 year old is now a regular competitor. He is a bodybuilder, a rower, a fitness decathlon champion, and a wakeboarder (just to name a few of his hobbies).

In addition to his physical pursuits, Charles is a also an entertaining speaker. In the video below, he shares some of his thoughts regarding successful aging. Based on his activity at age 93, I’d say he knows a thing or two about the subject.

Listen and learn…


Exercising is like brushing your teeth or washing. If you don’t do those things, something nasty happens. – Charles Eugster

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91 Years Young

Sy Perlis didn’t lift weights until he was 60 years old. Over twenty years later, he decided to enter his first lifting competition. That was around five years ago. He’s now 91 years old and a world record holder. Last week, he bench pressed 187.2 pounds, the most ever in the 90-and-over division.

You can see him in action at the video below.

If you ever thought you were too old to try something new, think again. Sy Perlis just shattered every possible excuse. I would have guessed him to be in his 70s. He looks incredible.

Hats off to him for the inspiration.


It is never too late to be what you might have been. – George Eliot


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