Carry, Run, and Press

By Ross Enamait – Published in 2004

This workout is not designed for the faint of heart. Expect to wake up the morning after with soreness from muscles that you did not know existed.

For the combat athletes in the audience, this workout will develop work capacity, strength, and an indomitable mindset. You can also expect some unusual glances from the soccer moms who may be walking the track.

This challenge will require a sandbag and a 400 meter track. The workout calls for three intervals, each consisting of the following:

  • 400 meter sandbag carry (any style of carrying)
  • 400 meter run without sandbag
  • Sandbag Clean and Press x 10

Use a 100-pound sandbag (reduce the weight if necessary). There is no rest between exercises. Your goal is to complete the challenge as fast as possible. Strive to reduce your time with each attempt at the challenge.

This challenge is best performed at the end of the week. You may need the extra time to rest and recover.