25 Repetition Roulette

By Ross Enamait – Published in 2003

25 Repetition Roulette is a short, yet challenging workout that can be performed when time is limited.

To view the workout, click the link below. It will open in a new window as an Adobe file.

25 Repetition Roulette

As listed within the file, this routine consists of the following:

  • Perform a complete burpee with a sandbag placed directly in front of you
  • Upon landing from the jump, immediately grab the sandbag
  • Clean the bag to your shoulders, and press it overhead
  • Perform a lunge with each leg while holding the bag overhead
  • Drop the bag back to the floor and proceed with another burpee
  • Repeat the entire sequence without rest for 25 repetitions

The limiting factor in this sequence is the overhead lunge. If you do not wish to perform this exercise, cradle the sandbag next to your chest while performing the lunge. This will allow you to handle more weight.

This routine provides several benefits. After performing a set of explosive burpees, you will be required to exert strength by cleaning and pressing the sandbag. You will then continue with a left and right leg lunge. This brief sequence will essentially target the entire body. Your goal is to perform this routine as fast as possible. This routine will do wonders for overall work capacity. You will be required to display strength while struggling with fatigue.

Combat athletes must learn to display and maintain power despite fatigue. There are no timeouts inside the ring. This routine will train you to push through fatigue, while continuing to exert power.

Despite this routine’s brevity, you will have performed a considerable amount of work. You can perform this routine on its own as a brief conditioning session, or as a finisher to a more complete routine (ex. after a skill session). I recommend using as heavy a sandbag as you can handle. Increase the weight of the bag as your strength improves.