Never Gymless for $1

Never Gymless


With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, I’ve been hearing from people around the world asking for gym-free routines and exercises.

To try and assist, my 230 page Never Gymless book is now on sale for $1. I hope it helps those in need.

Never Gymless purchase page

Stay safe and stay strong!

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  1. I was lucky to find this great book in a library book sale several years ago for…yes,$1. This is a excellent book and I refer to it often. I would strongly suggest to anyone out there to grab a copy of this book at such a great deal. You WILL NOT BE disappointed.

    Jim Figurniak

  2. Thank you Ross,in times of crisis people show their true colors,While some out there are cashing in on other’s misfortune, we also have decent human beings like yourself doing what you can to ease other’s burdens.All of your books are really good and this in particular has so many good ideas it should be in every serious physical culture library.For those who do not yet have it, take this opportunity from this generous offer.Hope you and your family stay well Ross.

  3. You are the real deal, Ross, unlike so many other so-called “gurus”. I have your Never Gymless book, and it offers all one would need to attain and maintain fitness to whatever level you choose to do so. At a time of crisis, you are taking a step forward to help your fellow men and women. Godspeed in all that you do.

    1. The file is delivered as a PDF which can be read on a kindle (although it is not formatted for a kindle). I do have a few PDFs saved to my own kindle (it’s doable).

  4. Thank you Ross! Been following you since 2007.
    I’m a PE instructor and head football coach in Southern California.
    I will be using it as a teaching tool and reference point for my students and players.
    I am supremely grateful for all that you have done and will continue to do in these uncertain times.
    Thank you for your inspiration and innovation.

  5. I purchased a physical copy of this book many years ago and it’s been a staple in my library ever since. Thank you for doing this!

  6. Right on Ross! I have been using you medicine ball workouts for years, made all my own balls. Thanks for such a generous offer. I have shared it far and wide.

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