Untapped Strength – New Book

I am happy to announce the release of my new 244 page e-book. I started the book last year and at times didn’t think I would ever finish, but I’m happy how it has turned out.

The book is now available for $9.95.

Additional details can be found at the following link:

Untapped Strength


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  1. ordered it immediately without hesitation… you are the best ross – valuable content from a passionate man – one of the best things few dollars can buy 😉
    keep up the good work – you are an ideal for me

  2. Ross,

    I haven’t changed my life yet. It is changing though. Rehabbing costrochondritis while fixing my posture and dislocated shoulder of nearly 2 years. A friend a while back loaned me his Never Gymless and it is my bible. I will achieve a free-standing handstand push-up someday. Until then

    Actions will speak louder than words, and thank you for sharing both. You truly make the world a better place, and give people the foundation for hope they need to make their wildest dreams come true. Humanity should be grateful, and I follow your footprints on the road less traveled by.

    And now with this Untapped Strength, Hercules and Popeye would be proud.



  3. And one more thing Ross, yes I said Hercules and Popeye would be proud of you, but more importantly I know you have made your grandfather proud.

    Thanks for sharing his legacy of hard work, and for myself and anyone else who seeks Untapped Strength, be prepared to shake hands like you mean it, with integrity and the power of Ross’ grandfather. Know now you can lend more than just a hand to yourself, but to anyone.

  4. Hello Ross,

    I purchased my copy the moment it came up on your blog. As usual excellent book. Honestly, I dont need to think twice to purchase your books.

    ~Roy Kurian
    Strength & Conditioning Coach

  5. I’m an endurance runner, so don’t really “need” lower arm and hand strength. That didn’t keep me from buying the book, though. As with Ross’s other books, it is well written and comprehensive. I’ve just started going through it and have already found some exercises I can incorporate into my limited strength training. Well worth the price for me.

  6. Hey Ross,

    You put another excellent book (not that I had any doubts). Once again, there is no filler or fluff. Only excellent instruction, many examples of home made equipment and proven techniques.


    Delta2Alpha Martial Arts and Supplies

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