Core Training With A Wood Dolly – By Ross Enamait

Following one of my recent videos, I was asked whether a wood dolly could be used for some of the same core training exercises. At the time, I had not used a dolly before so I was not in a position to comment. I recently purchased the dolly below for just $10 however so I figured it was worth a try.

Here is a quick demonstration:

The dolly has a unique feel when compared to some of the tools that I have demonstrated before for core training:

One disadvantage of the dolly is that you will need a hard surface such as pavement. It does not work as well on a matted or carpeted floor. Ultimately, one tool is not necessarily better or worse than another. It’s always useful to have multiple options available.

As is often the case, the world becomes a large gym once you open your mind and allow yourself to be creative. Even a wood dolly can provide countless core training challenges. For a few dollars, you will have a tool that you will never outgrow. Beginners to advanced athletes can benefit from these exercises.


“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” – Henry David Thoreau

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  1. Ross, roll-outs with an office chair and a furniture dolly are two ideas of mine which I posted in the numerous roll-out threads in your forum. Gotta say it makes me proud to see to you demonstrating them. I like to DIY training equipment when possible rather than pay-up for commercial products ( t-handle and inner tube Bulgarian bag, eg. ). The dolly and office chair require no assembly, just repurposing, which can be cheaper than DIY and as effective as the purpose built commercial products.

  2. I work part-time in a school maintenance dept. In one of the classrooms I saw that one of the teachers was going to throw away a plant dolly. I asked why. She said that she didn’t have a plant, therefore, no real need for it. I dropped down on the ground and did a quick demo of what you could do with it, by way of exercise.
    She quickly asked for it back. 🙂
    Have a Great Day!!!!

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