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Throughout this blog’s history, I have made a conscious effort to highlight the significance of creativity. When you see the world through a creative lens, it is much easier to turn ordinary items into effective exercise tools. Simply writing about creativity is not enough however, hence my reason for regularly demonstrating this approach. Whether I am lifting stones in the woods, performing rollouts with an office chair, or training with furniture sliders, I strive to highlight the potential that exists within many otherwise mundane items.

Fortunately, I am not alone in my efforts to share this type of training. In just the past week, I have had two readers pass along videos of them performing standing rollouts with skateboards.

Take a look at these creative and challenging core training variations.

I enjoyed these brief displays for a few reasons. First, what is the chance that two individuals from different parts of the world would share skateboard exercises in the same week? More importantly though, it is great to see rollout variations that I have not performed before. I say this as someone who has likely performed as many rollout reps and variations as anyone in the world. Rollouts have been a favorite core training exercise of mine for many years now. Yet after all the reps and variations (see here), there are still new and creative ideas out there for me to try.

Ultimately, no matter how hard and long you have trained, there will always be new or different approaches that are worthy of your time. One of the fastest ways to identify an ignorant trainer is when you find one who believes he knows everything and is beyond learning. In other words, as soon as you believe you know it all, you have shown the world that you don’t.

Don’t make this elementary mistake. Instead, always remain creative and open to new ideas. Regardless of your knowledge and ability, no one will ever know everything. We should all strive to continue learning and improving. And one of the best ways to learn is by experimenting with new ideas and variations. Don’t limit yourself to what you have always done. Think outside the box and continually seek out new and different ways to challenge yourself and improve.

With that said, it looks like I will be purchasing my first skateboard…

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“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” – Phil Collins

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  1. Hey Ross, This is really interesting that there are other guys out there using a skateboard like I do here in Australia! other exercises they are good for are knee tucks in a pushup position, squats against a wall while holding dumbells ( thank scooby for that one) handstand pushups with your feet on the board against a wall and my favourite: if you can find a steep road with no traffic you get in a pushup position facing downhill and then push yourself backwards up the hill with your feet on the board. this is a killer for the delts and great for shoulder stability. You need a pair of gardening gloves though to protect your hands. Anyway, hope that gives people a few more ideas!

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