Core Training With Hill Rollouts – By Ross Enamait

In previous videos, I have demonstrated how a ramp can be used to increase or decrease the difficulty of a standing rollout. For example, rolling up a ramp is one of the fastest ways to progress from kneeling to standing. Conversely, rolling down a ramp is ideal to increase the difficulty for those who are already proficient with standing rollouts. Not everyone has access to a ramp however. If you find yourself in that position, try to find a moderately sloped hill and you can accomplish the same thing.

Below is a brief example.

In summary, if you can find a hill, you have an ideal place to either increase or decrease the difficulty of an excellent core training exercise.

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“The imagination is man’s power over nature.” – Wallace Stevens

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  1. Ross-
    I read in one if your books about how you knew of immigrant businessmen who lived to America and after a few yeas if hard work were millionaires- could you post an entry sometime about businessmen like that? You had an awesome knack for motivating and encouraging- you feel like an older wiser brother to me as its hard to beat a big hearted Italian- your love for us all and life shines through. All the best my friend.

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