The World Is Your Gym

Continuing with the train anywhere theme, I compiled some footage from the past few months to create the brief video below. As you will see, it is entirely possible to receive a quality workout with little or nothing. You certainly do not need a state-of-the-art facility to apply yourself diligently and consistently. With creativity and effort, you can exercise almost anywhere.

It is also worth noting that you do not need advanced exercises to train effectively. What you’ll notice throughout this video is that the bulk of the movements are fairly easy to learn. Almost anyone can run hills, swing a sledgehammer, and perform exercises such as burpees. The prerequisites to execute these movements are minimal.

Yet despite what may be minimal prerequisites, these are still exercises that can prove challenging to athletes of all levels. For instance, while anyone can run hills, I’ve never met anyone too advanced for hills. Once again, if you put forth a true effort, you can be challenged by almost anything. The significance of individual effort cannot be overstated.

As for the equipment seen throughout the clip, almost everything is either homemade or something I found within the woods. The pull-up bar, suspension trainer, and wheels are all homemade. The tire used to rebound the sledgehammer was free. A local tire shop was about to dispose of it before I grabbed it. The stones and logs are just a few of several that I have acquired over the years. The tree branch where I perform pull-ups has been held up perfectly for the last three years. The hill sprint path is also somewhat of a homemade creation. I cleared it out last year (see here). The only real exercise equipment are the inexpensive jump ropes.

In summary, if you wish to exercise, go exercise. Lack of equipment is nothing but an excuse. The great outdoors is perhaps the greatest gym of all. There are never any lines, the gym is open 24 hours a day, and I’m never stuck behind someone posing in a mirror. All that you have is fresh air and on occasional animal passing through. There is nowhere else I would rather train.


“Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.” – Arthur Koestler

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  1. Usually about twice a week a put on a 25lb vest and do a 4-5 mile jog-walk through the woods. It’s in the mountains so lots of hills. The “trail” circles around a lake. Creeks, large rocks, bridges, beautiful. Only thing I worry about is bears. I’ve been lucky so far, but I would sh*t my pants if some huge black bear started bounding towards me.

  2. my female training partner and i have gone several times to a local park frequented by’joggers,walkers’ and other ‘healthy’ types…we bring along kb’s, sled, sledghammer, bands, weight vests for training but while getting ready for a 13.1 walk/run ( i don’t jog my knees are shot and it’s a terrible bang for the buck ex. any way) we walked the 4 mile paved road around the place. on the hills we either sprinted, did bear walks , komodo pushups or just wore anything from a 20 lb weight vest to a 60 lber. amazing workout! and we have even used their picnic tables for work as well as the swing set! all this in the elements!!! you keep hitting the mark that others apparently can’t see…you can ex. any time, any where with anything and get a great workout!! another gem from your site ROSS!

  3. Running with a weight vest while being chased by a black bear sounds like great cardio. How many sets / reps do you recommend?

  4. @Jeroen,

    Don’t worry about sets/reps. “Instinctive” training only. teehee. Couple of months ago I heard about a woman in Orlando, Florida getting mauled by a black bear. Orlando?? Lived in Florida in the Tampa area before and remembered seeing a dead black bear cub in nearby Plant City, but you still never thought that someone would be mauled in or near a built up area like Orlando. Ever since then I’m cautious about going deep into the woods, there are bears definitely where I live. It’s like I never feared swimming in the ocean until after I saw the movie “Jaws.” I will not swim in a lake, ocean, or river, I swim in pools only. When I lived in Florida, not only did you have to worry about sharks in the ocean, but bullsharks and gators in freshwater also.

  5. Hello Ross! I’m from Russia, and unfortunately your books not in Russian. I’d like to do on Your system. Tell me are there any on this site the example of Your daily workout? And if possible, please send an example of Your period of training.
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Video is truly inspiring. I’m in the army and my job consists of going to the field 2-3 weeks out of every month. At times I felt like giving up working out entirely. This video motivated me to stop with the excuses and train with what I have. Thanks Ross!

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