Office Chair Core Training – By Ross Enamait

In the video below, I demonstrate three core training exercises that can be performed with an office chair. I created this video in response to a request from Men’s Fitness magazine. They were interested in running a story for busy office workers who may not have time for the gym. As you can see, the office chair proves quite useful for a variety of challenging core training exercises.

First, I demonstrate an l-sit from the chair. And while l-sits are more challenging from the floor, a sturdy chair can be useful for those who are unable to achieve this exercise from the ground. Just be sure that your chair is strong enough to support your bodyweight. I weigh approximately 190 pounds. I am not sure how much weight my chair could hold but it is certainly strong enough to support me.

Next, I demonstrate standing rollouts from the chair. I have featured this core training exercise on the site before so regular readers are likely familiar with this variation. Those who are new to the site will be surprised at how effective the chair is for this movement. The only difference between the chair rollout and a wheel rollout is that you will need to move your head up and out of the way slightly as you return to the standing position. You will know what I mean when you attempt the exercise.

Lastly, I demonstrate an exercise that has been named a body saw by others in the industry. I have worked with variations of this exercise for many years before it was officially named. When performing this movement, I imagine that I am hovering just above the floor. Only my hands touch the ground while my feet rest on the chair.

This core training exercise is more commonly performed with sliders. You can see a previous example with sliders at the 3:47 mark within the video below.

As you will see, the chair variation is virtually identical. If it is too challenging, work from the elbows instead of the hands. You will essentially assume a plank position as you saw yourself forward and background from the point of ground contact (elbows or hands).

In summary, you can once again see that the world truly is your gym. Even an office chair can become an effective core training exercise tool. Excuses about lack of time or equipment are nothing but excuses.


“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” – Wayne W. Dyer

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  1. Oh my goodness this looks like fun! I’ve done the first exercises but I’ve never seen the other two, I will try it tonight! Haha, unfortunately my chair workouts have at times ended with me on my a** , lol. Great way to bulgarian split squats though!

  2. This goes into the “Why didn’t I think of that?!” bin. Love the chair rollouts. Already did a set of them. Fan-frickin-tastic! You’re the man, Ross. Thank you!

  3. I saw your “office chair” workout video, simply brilliant. I can get almost all the way down but due to lack of lower ab strength (I’m pretty sure) I can’t get back up. Are there any exercises you would reccomend for getting my abs up to par so I can do these?

  4. Ross, genius idea. I wonder if you could help me out a bit? I can get almost all the way down but due to lack of lower ab strength (I think) I can’t get back up. Are there any exercises you would reccomend for getting my abs up to par so I can do these?

    1. Progressing with a wheel on a ramp is one of the fastest ways to improve. I have some related videos within my YouTube channel.

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