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I often receive questions about hypothetical scenarios. For example, last week someone asked what I would pick if I was limited to three exercises. Another person asked which homemade tool I prefer over all others. Earlier today someone asked what bodyweight exercise I would pick if I was limited to one. I could go on and on with similar examples. These types of questions have filled my inbox for years.

Unfortunately for those asking, I rarely spend much time addressing such questions. I don’t waste time hypothesizing about things that will never happen. Sure, such topics may make for an entertaining discussion, but why would I ever consider losing my creativity?

One of my primary beliefs in regards to exercise is that we are not limited by the tools around us. If you confiscated all of my equipment, I am still confident that I would find a way to train effectively. Regardless of what I have (or don’t have), my mind is always seeking out new and different challenges.

And it is this creativity that I believe needs more widespread attention. Why even entertain the thought of being limited by anything? Whether you are an athlete or coach, your goal is not to find a way and then restrict yourself to it indefinitely. On the contrary, our goal should be to continually evolve and learn. Best is, and always will be, a moving target. It is not something that is achieved and then statically locked forever.

Whatever makes sense for you today may not make sense in another month or year. As I’ve said many times before, answers regarding training questions often depend on several unique factors that are specific to the individual and change over time. Therefore, if I was forced to answer the questions above, my responses would likely change each year. As is often the case, it depends.

Fortunately, I will never be forced to choose a handful of movements. Rather than pretend to be for the sake of a catchy article, why not instead demonstrate options that others may not have seen before? That was largely the goal of my recent demonstration of office chair standing rollouts (see here).

And as you can see, our creativity does not need to end with a chair. Below is a brief demonstration of standing rollouts with a sled. The idea came to me randomly while training outside. The day that I filmed the video was the first day that I tried this core training exercise.

So here we have an example of a movement that is beneficial and can be performed with almost anything. If you took away my ab wheels, I wouldn’t be concerned. I could use the office chair that I’m sitting on now or I could walk outside and grab a sled. Once again, whatever I have or don’t have, I will find a way to accomplish what I set out to do. If more people viewed their surroundings with this mentality, excuses about lack of space or equipment would become obsolete.

In summary, rather than asking what I would do if I was forced to limit myself, why not instead ask what can be done with objects that no one else has thought to use. More people thinking like that will lead to more people with more options that are readily available without breaking the bank.


“Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

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  1. Great read Ross! Tried the office chair roll outs today and posted it on Instagram. Going to build some door pull up handles tomorrow to go with the rest of my office gym 🙂 thanks for what you do!

  2. Deadlift or Squat? Back Squat or Front Squat? Hindu Pushups or Dive Bomber Pushups? Sprints or Long Slow Distance? High reps or low reps? Bodyweight or weights? Dumbbells or kettlebells? You could debate these and several hundred other questions over and over but there is no magical exercise, piece of equipment, or routine out there.

  3. Ross-
    A couple of thoughts.

    Thank you for being so patient and helpful in your customer service with me over the years. You’re a good dude and really stand out among your peers for your no jive all content practical common sense ways.

    Much if the stunting of creativity comes from our police state 1984 Big brother culture (it starts in the cradle read Charlitte Thomson Iserbyt or watch her on yt to see the Trilateral Commison way of life that’s imposed on all your minds in the anglosphere to control them).

    You know when I was a kid I had acres of family land to enjoy and would get a stick and head outside and make own fun. Boys would play in the mud chase wildlife or fight and wrestle. If a kid in school didn’t like it and fantasizes about playing dodgeball or football at recess instead of zoning out into a screen he wasn’t force fed dangerous corporate cartel con man psychiatric drugs for ADD aka being a kid and wanting to have fun instead of listen to the mans spill in a room all day. I know sun sweat and a soccer ball are far
    More intriguing at that age than fractions or politically correct revisionit history.

    Kids today have t bad compared to earlier generations- make no mistake the control tries to crush your creativity Nd make you brainwashed to be a slave to the government or a corporation. Do people really think a renaissance man like Thomas Jefferson who lived in an age as free and vast as the Pacific Ocean could be created in the toxic ponds of Anglosohere tract cookie cutter suburbia?

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