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Following my last entry about creating a home gym, I’ve had a few requests to see examples. Ironically, on the same day that I wrote the entry, I received a video from another reader of the site. It comes from a man who has apparently followed the site for several years. He’s a busy, working father who trains at home in his garage four days a week.  Upon clicking the link below, you’ll see how this 30+ year old father is certainly not limited by his low-tech surroundings. The video is well worth a look. This man is not only strong and well conditioned, but he’s also creative with his homemade equipment. He’s clearly making the most of his space.

Garage Gym Training

Home gym in a garage


Watching his video gave me a flashback to an old video that was created in 2009. You can take a look at it below. What you’ll see is a photo collage of home gyms from various members of the RossTraining forum.

The video was created by another reader of the site. It consists of photos from a thread that began back in 2007 and is still going after 7 years. You can access the 50+ page thread at the link below. If you ever wanted to create a home gym, you can certainly find several ideas within.

Let’s See Your Home Gym

And if you are interested in outfitting your garage gym with some homemade equipment, look no further than the archived list below.

Homemade Equipment Archives


“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.” – Cecil B. DeMille

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  1. Another good resource for those who train at home is reddit.com/r/homegym. RossTraining is mentioned on that site every now and then.

  2. Hi there, great site! I am training also at home and would like to know what is the best underground for the rope skipping. In the homevideo he had a grey surface, whats that?Maybe inexpensive?

    1. @donby – Anti-fatigue mats are not too expensive and work well. If possible, I would suggest 3/4″ over the more commonly sold 1/2″ however. The extra thickness makes for a much more durable and long lasting mat IMO.

  3. Hey Ross,

    ty very much for your quick answer, which I didn’t expected so fast!
    I am still a bit overweighted (some years ago I was in very good shape as physical therapist and fitness trainer)and don’t want to get too much impact on my ankles. This mat is the perfect solution for me, so I can start again with 1 legged jumps 😉 (skipping since 15 years).
    My program actually is (with timer)
    30 sec rope
    10 sec for changing exercise (A)
    30 sec biceps curl
    30 sec rope
    …and so on, varying just the exercise (like pushups, pullups , longbar, bulgarian bag, squats etc…- always this 10 secs rest between.
    Alltogether 100 rounds, so its in total 1hour 6 minutes.
    I became a big fan of ur site since first time I watched it (about 2 weeks ago).
    Maybe a recommendation from my side:
    with all that stuff and exercise for the anterior muscle chain… we need to compensate that with an even harder training for the posterior chain to all joints in balance. (hope u understand my broken english 😉 )
    I would like to see a hard powerworkout for rhomboids , erector spinae, posterior part of deltoid , shoulder rotators. As I see your joints are good balanced, but maybe average Joe will focus too much on pecs etc…
    sheers, donby

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