Let It Burn – Training Montage

Following my most recent training compilation, I received several requests to create another with background music instead of a speech. Below is the latest montage with Let It Burn by stic.man as the background audio.


“When times get hard, I go harder.”

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  1. Great video & love the site. Was wondering where you can find one of those cardio/cross trainer machines in 2:30 of the video & also the white sliders you use (think you mentioned it as a travel friendly training tool before). Thanks!

  2. @Andrew – The bike is an Airdyne by Schwinn. They are expensive to buy new, but will last forever. Used bikes often pop up on eBay and Craigslist. I even know someone who found one at a tag sale.

    As for the sliders, I have a few previous tutorials on the site and my Youtube channel about them. They are sold as furniture sliders at stores such as Lowe’s. They are useful for loads of exercises. I enjoy them so much I even included a section within my core training DVD just for them.

  3. Seeing you climb the rope and thinking of the aforementioned “exercising is dangerous community,” made me think of a story I had heard that many schools no longer have rope climbing in their gym or PE classes. I don’t recall having a rope to climb in high school, but we had one in elementary and junior high when I went to school, which was a loooooooooong time ago. I believe that many schools dropped the whole rope climbing deal because it too was considered risky. Made me think of the old peg boards that you would climb also. We never had one of those at school, but I remember they had one at a YMCA where I first started lifting weights. Rope climbing is a helluva exercise and is a brutal workout for the arms, back, and grip. To bad it has been dumped by many schools.

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