Jump Rope and Hill Sprint Conditioning

Two of my favorite conditioners have always been jumping rope and running hills. Both are extremely effective, offering yet another reminder that exercise need not be complicated to be beneficial. Even the most elaborate set of exercise equipment will be hard pressed to surpass the effectiveness of a rope and hill.

Below is a brief video compilation of some rope and hill work performed over the past few years. Despite all my years of training (ex. 25+ years of rope skipping), these two simple exercises are still quite useful and challenging. With each, you get what you put into it. If you are willing to put forth a true effort, you will never outgrow either of these conditioners.


“It isn’t the hours you put in, but what you put in the hours.”

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  1. As always great video, your videos are always extremely motivational. Have always known the value of training on hills whether hiking, jogging, or sprinting up them, and even running backwards up them. Have neglected rope skipping for the past several years but your vid has inspired me to get the rope back out. Two great choices to get the legs, heart, and lungs in great shape.

  2. Nice. Just started to skip (jump rope) again and enjoying it.
    Any partiicular reason for the blindfolded bit? Increase balance and co ordination?

  3. hi,how long should/do you jump rope each session,is it performed in rounds,also could this be used as a warm up for other training, appreciate any tips

    1. @Leigh – There is no single answer to the question. The rope can be used in many different ways. It can be used for continuous sessions (ex. 20+ minutes), shorter rounds/intervals, to focus on footwork/agility, as a means to warm-up, etc. It is a VERY versatile tool with loads of options. I discuss all of these options in much more detail in my Jump Rope Conditioning DVD – http://rosstraining.com/jumpropeconditioning.html

  4. Hi Ross!
    it’s over 2 years I read almost all your articles and I’ve got to say you are actually one of the examples I like to “follow”.. I like you physical capabilities as well as you are a guy who train himself with “brain”.
    Anyway.. long story short, my jumping rope just fell apart..do you have any suggestion of a good one to buy? (not super expansive..also..I live in Italy, it means I can only access amazon.it from all the website you are going to suggest me)
    Thanks in advance and keep up!

  5. Hello Jean, I’m not sure what is available through Amazon. If you look back within my Youtube channel however, you can see one way to create a lasting handle with almost any inexpensive speed rope. You could likely purchase something suitable in your local area without the need for international shipping charges.

  6. Hi Ross,
    Just wanted to say that I went out yesterday for a 5 mile run, in a very hilly area with a light (16 pound)vest on. I’ve been using a 40 pound vest for conditioning hikes, and the 16 pounder felt really light. I pushed it hard, especially near the end, and felt fantastic for the rest of the day. It was raining pretty good,I was looking forward to finishing and going home to watch the Pats game,and it was a great workout. My legs are feeling it today. Thanks for your informative and motivating posts and videos.

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