Paul Anderson – Strength Training Legend

Paul Anderson Training Neck Strength

Paul Anderson was a legendary strength athlete. Legendary may even be an understatement. His strength was off the charts.

I’ve actually discussed him on this blog several times before. I was always a big fan of Paul Anderson, not only because of his strength, but also his interest in homemade equipment. Paul Anderson was the king of homemade gear and low-tech training.

In previous entries, I’ve shared a brief video that highlighted his training style. Many of you may have seen the following video. If not, it is certainly worth a look.

Fortunately, I recently learned that the full documentary where that clip originates can now be seen on Youtube. The embedded player below contains all seven parts of the film.

I’ve always believed that one of the best learning tools is observation. When you come across a fellow athlete or coach who is successful, it is useful to simply observe them in action. You don’t necessarily need to copy what they do, but try to understand what were the keys to their success.

I like to think that everyone I meet knows something that I don’t know. I try to learn something from everyone. I apply this philosophy not only towards coaching but also life outside the gym. I am always interested in learning from and observing others. Therefore, when I come across almost two hours of footage about Paul Anderson’s life, I get pretty excited.

If you share my enthusiasm, you will surely enjoy the footage above.


“What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” – Socrates

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  1. That’s the first I’ve seen that video… holy s**t that guy could lift! Making some time to watch the full doc this weekend, looks really interesting.

    Makes you wonder what he’d be squatting if he had access to modern equipment!

  2. I cant be the only one who see’s men such as Paul with his prodigious strength and great size and wonder what their physicality would be like if they were to cut down to low bodyfat levels?

    I guess my superficial curiosity gets the better of me lol.

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