Addressing Common Training Questions – New Video

Below is a new video where I share some thoughts about how training questions should be addressed. As mentioned within, the ideal response to most training questions is temporary and that response depends on several factors. Black and white answers rarely exist.


“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

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  1. Typical for the beginner or motivated workout fanatic to shoot emails through the roof. I just know when i was new to this Ross’s site. Oh man, so many questions.

    But the only place i know with real, down to earth and no hype support and information. What many of the people who are new to this site don’t realize is that here is no hype or secret formular this or that.

    The only website where i read “low-tech high-effect” or “DIY-equipment” is this website.

    Ross i wish you the best of success and thanks for the long passionate work you’ve done and still do.

  2. When you stay in the game long enough and have experienced just about every workout down the fitness road to health like weightlifting/training, swimming, running, hill sprints, ab wheels & power wheels, Indian/Persian clubs, maces, dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, pullups, dips, pushups, Hindu Squats & Hindu Pushups, sleds, boxing type workouts, etc. Well to juggle all that and then some forces one to be highly adaptable and use instinctive training. Just todat becase I wanted to view the Ravens vs Steelers game I would whip bodyweight exercises during commercials. I did dips and pullups on my back porch. I did some Hindu pushups between the dips and pullups and through in some mountain climbers and hindu squats. I finished off with some situps and back bridges and got a great workout without leaving the house. I decided not to count reps either and work on imppecable form and it seems I was performing much bettr by dropping the whole set and rep theme. I just performed each exercis at random throughtout the day and got a helluva workout done.

  3. Ross,
    love your website and all the information you provide. I have been training brazilian jiu jitsu for almost 10 years now, and your answer to a question, “it depends”, is the same answer we would see. Why wont this technique work? Well, it depends. Depends on position, leverage, etc. Can I do this technique from this position ? well, again, it depends…

  4. Brilliant! Absolutely effin brilliant! I wish I could have said it so well. I’m sure that’s a big part of why you’re such an excellent trainer as well, you convey information very clearly and concisely! I wish YOU were training all those new “personal trainers” and coaches out there. The fitness world would sure be different and maybe we’d have more people active and less intimidated to start moving!

    Thanks again!

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