64 Years Old and Still Going Strong

Below is an inspiring video of a 64 year old great grandfather who didn’t begin exercising until age 55. He now performs bodyweight feats that many half his age could never dream of doing. To suggest that his quality of life has improved since he began training is perhaps the greatest understatement of all.

What I enjoyed most about his regimen is that he does the majority of it outside on the bars. There is no dependence on state of the art equipment or facilities. He has literally become his own gym. He can train wherever he goes.

Ironically, while this 64 year old outperforms most young men, training gurus around the world continue to complicate physical fitness. Perhaps more people should follow this man’s example as opposed to those whose primary interest isn’t your well being, but rather the size of their wallet.

It is stories of those like this great grandfather that need more attention. If we all encouraged more people to get up and begin moving, many of today’s health related problems would dramatically improve. Physical fitness is not complicated. The most important aspect of getting in shape is to get up and get moving. There is no single best way. Several roads lead to the same destination. Rather than confusing those who wish to begin the journey, let’s instead focus more attention towards getting people to actually begin.


“Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.” – Martin H. Fischer

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  1. Wow!

    That is so inspirational!

    I’m the same age and have started out along the same path towards strength and fitness around 2 months ago. It sure is a life changer for the better (already).

    Thank you for putting up this video, Ross, and thank you to this amazing 64 year old grandfather.


  2. What is so impressive is how this man looked and felt at 55-56 years of age and how he looks at 64. At 52, I often question WHY AND WHAT I’m exercising so hard for, being I’m not competing in any sort of competition or anything like that. Difference is I’ve been exercising since I was 15 years old and this guy started in his mid-50’s totally out of shape, using walkers, and canes to get around. Face it, that is and would be a very hard age to get started exercising regardless of your physical shape. When I first read the article I assumed the guy had probably done hard manual labor and even though he never “officially” exercised he was in reasonable, even good shape for someone that age. Damn, I was shocked at how poor his condition was before and how great it is now even though he is almost a decade older at 64. Like this gentleman, I’ve become more focused on bodyweight and outdoor activities, I spent decades in weight rooms and to be honest have grown bored with the gym, but I lift occasionally out of habit. @Oleg, it is a reasonable question, but even so the guy has made some remarkable gains, and has the body of a man half his age, and that is a 32 year old man in good shape. Even 32 year olds in todays world are mostly grossly out of shape.

  3. I would really be interested in knowing how this man started off training at 55 and working up to where he is now. I am trying to get my father who is about the same age to start working out but I don’t know how to ease him into it since he hasnt done a structured workout routine pretty much ever haha. Amazing, impressive stuff demonstrated by this guy. Shows a late start is better than no start.

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