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If you’ve followed this site since the early days of the ezboard forums, you have probably heard of Bryce Lane. He was an active member on many of the original training forums. With loads of real world experience and strength, Bryce shared many innovative ideas. His material was always legit, effective, and free of the marketing nonsense that litters today’s industry.

Bryce also wrote many useful articles on his now defunct website ( Unfortunately, no one that I know has heard from Bryce in several years and many fear the worst. The only positive news that I have to share is that someone recently archived all of his articles into a single PDF. The file is now hosted on the Sustainable Evolution blog. A download link can be found below:

Bryce Lane Compendium

The PDF is over 100 pages and well worth a look. Bryce was one of the rare individuals who could lift massive loads yet remained extremely flexible and capable with his body. To suggest that he was well rounded is an understatement. Reading about his training methods and beliefs will be time well spent. I highly recommend it.


“The secret to the grind is to simply do it, to learn how to simply do it, to seek always a simple pure expression of undivided will by ceaseless practice at shutting down everything that doesn’t move the bar one millimeter further.” – Bryce Lane

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  1. Lots of good stuff here. I particularly liked the article on “escalating density training” with stuff like squats, deadlifts and sandbag training as perhaps simplest(not easiest) route to real strength. I just started it with squats today.
    Ross, I am curious about your experience/thoughts regarding the EDT training using squats, reads, etc. outlined by Bryce for improving maximum strength and over all athletic performance? And yes I know, “It depends….” 🙂

  2. Often you’ll see some anorexic looking yoga enthusiast bend themselves into a pretzel or place their legs behind their head. Pretty admirable flexibility, but you question whether these individuals would even have the strength to do a couple of pullups or even perform a full squat with a barbell equal to their own bodyweight. On the other side of the spectrum who will have gargantuan powerlifters and weightlifters moving huge barbells or performing superhuman feats of strength who would be hard pressed to jog a mile or perform a simple toe touch exercise. Ditto the cardio machine who logs countless hours, and miles in the pool, jogging, and/or cycling who neglects strength training altogether. Better to not neglect anyone of the aspects of fitness like strength, endurance, and flexibility, and I might add power/explosiveness, speed and quickness to that list.

  3. This blog entry has taken me back some years to the ezboard forums and Bryce’s articles, both of which first got me into lifting. I sincerely hope he is well.

  4. Gold,

    I have seen alot of ideas from other people used here or maybe vice versa.

    Some really really good info.

    Shame he seems to have dropped off the map.

  5. Thanks so much for posting this, man. Bryce’s stuff is fantastic and it’s good that his legacy will last. I hope all is well with him.

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