Inspiration From Brandon Todd

In the video below, you will see Brandon Todd discuss his quest to dunk a basketball. Standing at just 5 feet 5 inches, Brandon has developed a serious vertical jump. Few would have thought it was possible for someone with his height and build to even approach the rim. Brandon has soared well above it.

Brandon’s story is perfect example why you should never let anyone else decide what you will pursue and accomplish. As I stated in a previous video (see below), if you want something, it’s up to you to go get it. Don’t let someone else’s opinion stand in the way of your dreams.

I’m sure Brandon had plenty of doubters who told him he was too short for basketball. Imagine if he had listened to them? He would have missed out on the opportunity to excel in both high school and college. It’s safe to say that his life would have panned out entirely different from where it is today.

Learn from his example. If there is something you want to achieve, it’s up to you to find out how far you can go. Bust your ass and don’t listen to those who stand in your way. Find out for yourself.


“Your biggest hurdle isn’t your opponent, it’s yourself.” – Brandon Todd

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  1. This video is cool on more than one level. It’s cool that he strived hard to achieve his goal. But it’s also cool to see that big muscles don’t necessarily make you slow. Quite the opposite, as shown in this video.

  2. Olympic weightlifters have some of the best recorded vertical jumps among athletes. And some can put up some impressive times in short sprints in the 40-100yard range. Big muscles do effect stamina, but for short bursts of speed they shouldn’t hamper you too much. This guy is short but former Washington Bullets guard Muggsy Bogues was even shorter at 5’3″. Muggsy had a 44″ vertical, and once blocked a shot by Patrick Ewing.

  3. Other notable short sports stars are the all-time single season rbi leader with 191 is 5’6″ Hack Wilson. Former light heavyweight and cruiserweight world champ Dwight Qawi is listed at 5’6 3/4″ and sometimes even shorter, Tyson was listed at usually 5’11 1/2″ but most say that Tyson is a lot closer to 5’10” which is pretty short for a heavyweight. Calvin Murphy at 5’9″ and Spud Webb at 5′ 7 1/2″ went on to actually be successful players in the NBA and both could dunk very well. Sam Mills was about 5’9″ or so and was an excellent linebacker back in the nineties in the NFL. Of course then there is former quarterback Doug Flutie who stood about 5’9″ also.

  4. This is inspiring and Brandon’s quote holds very true. Your biggest opponent is yourself. Every denial in your head is put there by yourself. Every motivation is also put in your head by yourself. It’s up to you which voice you want to hear and who you want to be.

  5. unbelievable!
    loved the bit where he said something like:
    i put myself through all this pain just so i can put a little ball through a hoop that’s 10 feet off the ground…and it’s still worth only 2 points!
    just a reminder that you should put your efforts to the things that are important to you, not other people.

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