Bodyweight Exercise For All Ages

Following a few recent posts about playground workouts, I’ve had several readers of the site pass along additional videos of impressive bodyweight displays. One of those videos was that of a 53 year old man performing muscle-ups at a park. You can see the video below.

After sharing the clip on Facebook, I received a message from someone who vehemently disputed the man’s age. In his words, there is no way a 53 year old man could perform that type of work. Rather than arguing, I thought it would be better to instead share additional examples of individuals who have stayed young despite what some would consider old age.

The videos below come from previous entries that I’ve made to the site. It took but a few minutes to gather this brief selection. There are many more that I could have shared but the following clips should be enough to remove all doubt.


60+ Years Old and Still Going Strong


Standing Rollouts at age 71


Gymnastics Display at 71 Years Young


Korean Judo Master รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Age 64


Chin-ups At 84 Years Old


Another Case For Simplicity


Burpees at 70+


As evident above, it is quite possible to perform impressive bodyweight feats at all ages. Hard and consistent work are the only true secrets to strength and fitness. If you work hard and remain consistent, it is only a matter of time before you improve. Fancy programs and equipment are not necessary.


“The idea is to die young as late as possible.” – Ashley Montagu

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  1. The “bronco burpees” are impressive and at 70 plus years old are amazing. I’m definitely going to add this exercise to my routine.

  2. One of my uncle’s just turned 60 and he can do burpees & pull-ups!! It just proves that gravity doesn’t have to be a bad thing when we get old:)

  3. This makes me feel really bad that I have let myself go over recent years. I have just started to get back into training so hopefully I will be able to post my own video soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ross
    Great videos….just goes to show what staying fit can accomplish !
    I just turned 63 and am still doing ring muscleups.
    John D

  5. Use it or lose it. Just because the average homer simpson is starting to fall apart once he gets older doesn’t mean the human body is supposed to do so. I never understood why people limit themselves by their age. Our body is a highly adaptive system that does what it is told to do. If you just watch TV all the time you just have not earned your muscle ups. And if you never move a lot in 50 years what do people expect the outcome of that is? I also do not understand why this 53 year old guy is supposed to be “old”. One might be old with 80 or 90 but not with 50.
    Lots and lots of people just forget how to use their body once they grow up and that’s the really sad part of it all. Move, move, move, there is no reason to stop. One of my favorite so called “old” guys is climber Stevie Haston ( who still does hundreds of pull-ups in a day, lifts heavy, does yoga, … and is fitter then most people half his age.

    The day you will not be able to move anymore will be a very very bad day. There is an inner thirst in everyone of us to move as much as we can.

  6. Ross,
    As always love the site. I appreciate the videos as I’m unfortunately getting older every day. My only problem is, with the young complainers/negaters, is there’s no way to prove how old those men are. They’ll just say, ‘Oh so we have to believe them!’ I’ve known people in their 70s who were stronger than most of the 40 year olds I knew.

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