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If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, you’ve likely noticed a low-tech theme in regards to exercise equipment and selection. I continually share the simple message that it’s not complicated to become stronger or better conditioned. There are several viable options that don’t require elaborate tools or complex programming.

Unfortunately, despite my attempt to share this message, the industry often works in the opposite direction. Rather than simplify physical fitness, the industry would rather complicate the subject. Complexity creates dependencies. When the end user is confused, he must seek assistance from those who are believed to be more knowledgeable. Consequently, it is no surprise that high priced programs, certifications, and seminars have become increasingly common and popular.

As a result, I often feel that my words have fallen upon deaf ears. Fortunately though, I awoke yesterday to find several powerful examples that aligned perfectly with the message I strive to share. It is one thing for me to demonstrate that exercise does not need to be complicated, but it is much more useful to witness other real world examples.

The first two clips below were posted to my forum by the individuals seen within each respective video.


First, you will see a beastly display with a 300 pound sandbag. Watch how the individual manhandles the homemade bag and then walks with it across his shoulders. For those who haven’t trained with heavy sandbags, trust me when I say that this man’s strength is extremely impressive and quite rare in today’s world. The fitness industry rarely speaks of such beastly displays as they can’t give you that type of strength in a weekend seminar or certification. The only way to develop this raw strength is through years of hard and consistent work.


Next, you’ll see a man perform a one arm, one finger pull-up. If that isn’t impressive enough, perhaps I should mention that he weighs over 200 pounds. So much for the idea that challenging bodyweight feats are only accessible to lightweight athletes!

It’s also worth mentioning that many of the videos posted throughout his channel are filmed outside. This man certainly subscribes to the idea that the world is his gym. He has developed the type of strength that is almost unheard of without fancy equipment. Once again, don’t expect to develop this type of strength in weeks or months. Such displays require years of dedication.


Lastly, you will find a 74 year old man whose strength and athleticism would humble many healthy adults half his age. He may not have the greatest taste in exercise apparel, but when you can do what he does at age 74, I suppose you earn the right to wear whatever you want.

And as with the previous examples, this elderly man did not need any fancy tools to develop his strength. Hard and consistent work with the basics is all that will ever be needed to develop strength and endurance. Unfortunately, these attributes cannot be purchased online. There are no shortcuts. It all boils down to how hard you are willing to work.


“The sculptor produces the beautiful statue by chipping away such parts of the marble block as are not needed – it is a process of elimination.” – Elbert Hubbard

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  1. Your work doesn’t go to all deaf ears.
    Tons of people like me that never stop learning from your awesome blog.
    Great stuff Coach

    Semper Fi!

  2. Ross this is a great post. I struggle with this everyday, all of my wife and my training is done outdoors with basic equipment, home made stuff, body weight or rocks, sand bags etc…most people have the shiny object syndrome [new equipment, new gym, new system] A lot of my clients that move on, move right back in too old patterns and behaviors. The simplicity of good old fashion hard work doesn’t seem to hold the attention of most people. I keep at it though, to me it’s the way that makes the most sense. Keep on sharing, we are listening.

  3. Ross, I deliver the certification and weekend courses you’re talking about and I have also been following you for a good number of years, I have your books and appreciate what you give to people!! Even those ‘in the system’ value the opinions and expertise of experience!!! Keep on keeping on my man!!!

  4. You set me on the path many years ago Ross and I continue to train and offer training services outside of the fitness industry ‘norm’.

    You influence a lot of people Ross and have a solid reputation world wide. You probably piss off most industry ‘gurus’ because you offer excellent products at tremendous value. I said to you years ago YOU should be running your own certs

    Some people will always ignore this type of training because its not sexy

    In general though I think there are far more people involved in odd implement, minimalist equipment training now than there has ever been. It’s almost trendy. In which case lets hope the fitness industry doesn’t bastardise like it usually does when there’s a buck to be made. I already see many examples of inappropriate technique and programming using odd implements and there are many certs available in their use.

  5. You’re right…getting a good workout isn’t complicated. It really comes down to discipline and commitment.

    But on another note, I hope I’m in such great shape at the age of 74!!!

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