Handstand Pushup Variations

Following yesterday’s post about handstand pushups, I had few people suggest the video below. What you’ll see within are several variations and progressions. And while the physical displays are certainly impressive, I also enjoyed the advice about how long it will take to achieve such abilities. The words spoken within can be applied to almost any challenging feat. The take home lesson is simple. Once you are passionate about your work, you won’t worry about time. You’ll enjoy each part of the process.

It is also worth stating the obvious. Exercises such as handstand pushups were much more popular in previous generations. Unfortunately, due to the commercial nature of the industry today, such exercises don’t receive nearly as much attention. An exercise that can be performed anywhere doesn’t offer much in return for gyms and equipment manufacturers. Overnight gurus also tend to shy away from the exercise based on the time that is required to master it.

Fortunately, those able to see past the industry’s deception will recognize the potential of this tremendous exercise. Not only can it be performed anywhere, the upper body strength benefits are difficult to match.


“Simplicity is an acquired taste. Mankind, left free, instinctively complicates life.” – Katharine Fullerton Gerould

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  1. Dear Ross.

    These definitely got my interest and many simple and effective movements on your blog did. What are the summarized benefits of the handstands?

  2. I’ve seen this guy on Venice beach he’s a street performer, and he preaches a athletic and drug free life style of acceptance and brotherhood. I’m going to throw him an extra 5 when i see him again i’ve been practicing these for a few months.

  3. Saw a variation of the pushup I’ve never seen before on Youtube called the “air pushup.” Version looks just as hard as the handstand pushup(unassisted) and it was performed by some little tyke that must have been 5 years old. The kid was performing the exercise with impeccable form that even the most critical youtuber would have trouble criticizing him for. The kid was billed as the strongest kid in the world and I probably wouldn’t doubt it. Handstand pushups supersetted with pullups will give the upper body an incredible workout in a brief period of time. Finish it off with a couple easier sets of dips and/or pushups.

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