Blindfolded Jump Rope

As a father, I’ve had a great time coaching my son’s teams and watching him grow into a competitive athlete. He loves to play sports and loves to win.

When my daughter was born, I didn’t know if she would follow the same path. What I’m seeing though is yet another competitive child. Once she sets her mind on something, she’ll keep practicing for as long as I let her. She’s got no quit in her and loves to play in the gym.

She’s recently taken quite the interest in jumping rope. It’s been a blast teaching her how to skip. Over the weekend, I was explaining to her that she’ll eventually have such a feel for the rope that she won’t need to see it. She laughed and asked why I don’t skip rope in the dark. She definitely one-upped me there so I had to do the next best thing. I showed her that it’s possible to skip with a blindfold.

The smiles and laughs that followed were priceless. It’s just another reason why I enjoy working hard so I can be active with my kids. There is no greater joy in this world.


“A leader leads by example, not by force.” – Sun Tzu

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  1. Funny you should put a Picture of your daughter today. It’s Father’s Day here in Brazil. I don’t know if you celebrate it in the same day in Unites States. Happy Father’s Day, Ross.

  2. Ross, you were one of my very first inspirations to start hardcore training. And you still remain one. Heart warming is the only adjective I can recall right now.

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